Bye Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs: 5-Minute Leg Workout | Class FitSugar

Your legs are truly lovely and take you everywhere you want to go, but if you sometimes scan them in the mirror and think of cottage cheese, here’s a workout for you. Strengthen and tone your powerful gams with this quick and effective workout. Just press play and get ready to show your legs some love.


  1. seriously best but and thigh workout!!!

  2. I am so out of breath you wouldn't believe

  3. This shit killed me, lol.. ? Great video! Heart is pounding like crazy, lol..

  4. Amazing burn Anna!! You're the best!

  5. I’m gonna do this twice a day, I’ll keep u guys updated ❤️
    day 1 definitely not the hardest workout ever but definitely kills.
    day 2

  6. I've got too much of cottage cheese thighs. This exercise really got me. The foot fire, damn girl. I hope I can be consistent doing this.

  7. I would repeat this atleast 3-4 times on your leg days or every day if you must

  8. Wow, this is excellent! Very challenging and gets you out of breath, all in 5 minutes. I couldn't do as many reps of each as she does but it will come in time.

  9. Ok I started it a few days ago and i will try to posrt if not daily at least weekly updates as I know a lot of people actually want to know if there is a result.
    So I've been doing this excesrise for two or three days now but I still don't see a difference. I think is normal considering the fact that my thighs as huge and reaaaaly ' cheesy '. It's strange cuz I might not see much of a difference but i feel it, idk how to explain it. I will post again after a few days. : )

  10. Your probably breathing really hard looking at this comment

  11. My hips really are burned ?but a love this workout

  12. I had Spotify on in the background and it's eerie how well this workout fits with "The Final Countdown" XDDD

  13. thank you for kicking my butt

  14. Loved it!!!! Breathless AND in shape I might add…. whew! Good workout. Quick and now I can get my life!

  15. Yesterday was my first day trying to work out, my legs are already sore! I will keep updating with more results!
    Update: 2nd time doing the work out and oh it was a bit harder this time! I could feel where I am working my muscles!

  16. Love it! A nice quick warm up and leg burner.

  17. The moves were great-I felt challenged but not overwhelmed!

  18. Is there one of these for butt?

  19. Will this burn fat or build muscle?

  20. I am dying on the first day. I wonder i will be alive to do this workout again tomorrow?!

  21. Will this help tone down the leg or is it just for cellulite or is destroying the cellulite going to result in slimmer thighs ? Sorry I’m a little late lol.

  22. Hi Amy, you got me sweating and breathing really hard :-). I am going to stick with this because I have skinny legs and thighs but the cottage cheese is awful. Thank you.

  23. Muito bom, estou amando! Lovely, it’s amazing exercise to do at home. Beijos ? from Brazil ?? ?

  24. Gurrrrlll I love you…but you’re crazy ?

  25. gonna start this today. ill update in towards the end of the month!!

  26. Wow that burns! Such a good workout!

  27. Is this all to be done on daily basis ? Or it should be clubbed with other excercise as well. What should be the ideal time for workout?

  28. Love this is quick but effective

  29. Lol, I actually did pretty good, (probs because i didn't try hard)

  30. Does this workout the calves too?

  31. WOW!!!!!!!! That was amazing! Good job.

  32. Anna is a perfect example of a true fitness model with no fake attachments to her body!!!! ❤❤ And i am gonna start this workout today!! Will be doing it only once a day!!!

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