Kylie Jenner just launched her Kylie Cosmetics 2018 Summer collection, and I, of course, put it to the test for you! In today’s video, I’m creating two makeup looks to show you as many possibilities as possible! After REALLY putting it to the test… I HAVE SOME STUFF TO SAY! Who’s ready for the tea?

  • Kylie Cosmetics is → available here

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.



  2. shistar nikkie throwing the *tea and im living for it*

  3. candy k was re-released as a velvet. completely different formula

  4. I love Kylie so much its not funny and tbh I love the look I dont know what she is complaining so much. But I also love niki

  5. It’s really unfair as people will pay a lot of money basically JUST for the brand name and the pallete not as good ?

  6. I love you , I swear I do girl ??! But that nose contour…

  7. Love the earrings! They look bomb! What i like from this collection is het lipsticks and the lipglosses, they look so nice!

  8. This looks like an autumn pallete. Not summer.

  9. I love that your honest! Kylie should be glad your honest & take your review as constructive criticism & learn from it.

  10. i’ll never understand the trend with youtubers now just bashing kylie cosmetics….i have her palettes (that bronze and burgandy) they do not disappoint! i personally don’t think kickback is that much of a big deal. most if not all eyeshadows have some kickback to it. i love nikkie but feel like she always criticizes kylie’s makeup harder and gives an unfair review.

  11. helloo guys, it’s me nikkie??

  12. I’m so disappointed in this collection, after last years amazing collection I was hoping for something sleek and summery to spend my coin on but I guess not ??‍♀️

  13. I just burst out laughing when Kylie comes out with a new product just to disappoint people lol

  14. Why are you so pretty, love your personality

  15. People can you just stop donating Kylie ?

  16. In a set of 3 they retail for $45, but individually they are $15…. so basically same price…

  17. sips tea * *spills the tea to her friends

  18. This palette reminds me of Naked Heat ?

  19. I would love a cooltoned look, you can try norvina palette!???

  20. Tandarin made you look like a clown ?

  21. Ok which is better Huda desert storm or Kylie summer collection?

  22. Bless nikki i love your make up??????

  23. I just got into colour pop and it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT better than Kylie. Also she needs to get off her high horse and stop kicking people off PR

  24. Please do a review on the new ABH eyeshadow palette NORVINA.

  25. Waar is de summer in dit pallet. En nee dan hebben we het niet over de verpakking?

  26. Nikkie if you want to change the color palette pleaaase do a review on the ABH Norvina palette! ??

  27. Could’ve done without the sticker thing

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