California Palm Tree Nail Art

A bright and fun nail art design inspired by the palm trees of Cali


  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Kiss stripers in Black, Beach Pink, Soft Blue, & Soft Purple
  • Stripe Rite in Yellow


  1. You can find many stamping plates with palm trees on them, would be a great way to avoid having to freehand paint.

  2. can u make the with out using the thin brush

  3. OMG this design is s9 beautiful and cool ??????????

  4. could u do a gradient like with the color then separate with the stiper (lol can't spell:))

  5. You should make a music theme nail art

  6. Who's my 2k16 viewers???

  7. should i use white striper for the palm tree

  8. I love how she says "keepin'"


  9. It's so cool can you please make Call me maybe Carly Rey Jepsen nails please

  10. I want you to come to my house and do my nails

  11. Gosh what is the song that she's using in the video??!!! Can someone tell me??!!!

  12. Can u use a toothpick for the tree

  13. This is such a awesome nail art design Sandi! Def going to try them for the summer! I also did some cute nail art ideas for the summer on my channel, check them out maybe? p.s it's my first video! Hope you like them and thank you! x

  14. Hey, how do you keep your nail polish on your nails without it messing up the same day?, btw I am a girl not boy

  15. Loved this nail art tutorial?

  16. I like it I make some of my own disgens

  17. Why does it have to be California palm trees, why not South Carolina? It's known as the palmetto state, so why California instead of South Carolina?

  18. Sarabeatycorner-nails,nail art designs,DIY,&makeup tutorial did it much easier

  19. OMG, Yah! She did forget to put base coat. I am sure she did. She probably forgot to put that part in the video… 

  20. Omg! U forgot the base coat part! Just saying

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