California to New York Time-Lapse Lookbook

3000 photos were taken and over 70+ hours were spent on this experimental project. The settings were between New York City and Los Angeles. BTW. Can you spot the strawberry in this video?

Ann Le, Anneorshine

They say a picture is a thousand words. Looks like a video is 3000 pictures. That means a video is 3,000,000 words right? -Eric the Camera Guy

  • Outfit 1:
    Zara boots
    Boohoo sweater
    Brandy Melville dress (shorts worn under)
    *This was taken in the hot dessert in Los Vegas
  • Outfit 2:
    J Crew Tee
    H&M shorts
    Zara shoes
    Target button top
    Alexander Wang Bag
  • Outfit 3:
    Gap jacket
    Jcrew tee
    H&M leggings and hat
    Jimmy Choo Bag
  • Outfit 4:
    Skirt Zara
    Jacket from
    Shoes by Valentino
    Celine Phantom bag