Cameo Nail Art – Suzie’s 5 Minute Mani

Suzie creates a ‘Cameo’ inspired Nail Art Design. This is an elegant design that can be done in under 5 minutes!

  • 0:26 Base Coat of Gel Polish #22 by Ugly Duckling
  • 0:36 Using Swarovski Elements
  • 0:41 Using Acrylic as glue for the Gems’
  • 0:51 Liquid Monomer
  • 1:23 Make Bead of Acrylic to pick up ‘Pearls or ‘Caviar’
  • 1:42 Place and shape Bead of Pearls on Nail Bed
  • 2:32 Place large Gem in middle of Bead
  • 4:09 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s

Products Used in this Video:

  • Gel Polish #22 by Ugly Duckling
  • Clear Acrylic Powder and Monomer by Ugly Duckling
  • Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements


  1. Love her! I've been watching one video a day for the past week and it's a great time pass when you have a busy and stressful week

  2. I would fly to you just to get my nails done by you?

  3. So bought the kit to scared to use it. trying to get better first.
    blind lady in Idaho, yes blind in both eyes from a stroke, I have no peripheral vision. I can walk into the side of a barn but I can see the needle in a haystack as long as I have my glasses on thank you I think you're awesome and so do my grandkids granddaughters I should say I practice on them

  4. ooooooo, I'm loving this, off to have a go. Thankyou Suzie x

  5. Oh hey, thank u for your very nice Videos, I just discovered you here on yt and I got a question. Im sorry if you already mentioned it some where, but: Can I use soak off led gels and/or polishes over acrylics? Or like in this video, acrylic over soak off Gels? and can i soak this all together off? I am trying to find the Best way for me to secure rhinestones and etc and I Asked myself if this would be possible? greeetings from germany and please keep on doing such educating videos! 🙂

  6. i'm an athlete who spends a lot of time weight lifting so i can only watch these videos and dream about having these types of manicures lol. nail polish lasts barely a day on my hands because i abuse them so much.

  7. That's crazy! I thought the thing around the big gem was pre made but Suzie is just so perfect that she sculpted it out of silver beads!

  8. I love your video and you work those nails cause they look so nice ???

  9. it help me a lot . thx you very much you are the best ??

  10. I love the camera man he seems really funny?❤❤❤

  11. Quick fact your vid is less than 5 mins so it isn't a 5 min msni

  12. What shape are those nails square or squavol

  13. It sounds so sweet snd cute, when you say, "A tiny, tiny, tiny…".

  14. How would you file this off?

  15. awesome and oddly satisfying video
    I LOVE you sooooo much! you're the Best person in the whole freaking world! ?

  16. Love watching you doing nails , everything you do is absolutely georgeous!!!!!

  17. cari strap glasses cek ig @najlastuff start from 20 ribu

  18. Hey Suzie! if you are applying any type of rhinestone or big embellishments should you use acrylic?

  19. Suzy i have been watching your videos and got a acylic kit myself that my nail artist use and i was wondering what kind of primer and top coat do you use for acrylic nails?

  20. I loveeeee your videos? Nice job on the nails????

  21. i watch every single vid that comes online, you inspired me to do my own nails.
     you give really helpfull advice so thankyou for the videos! 😀

  22. I love how you can inspire designs to use caviars. I have a few and now coming up with some great ideas of my own. Thank you so much for your videos.

  23. Hey suzie am your fan far away in kenya Africa continent I watch your videos everyday over and over again I know alot problem is I cant get such professional products in kenya….I would love to get your favourite products I would die with happiness….xoxo

  24. i love you videos so much they really inspire me??

  25. hi Suzie ? I was wondering if you have ever tried nail vinyls ? ✨if you have could you please ake a 5 minute mani with them ?I love your videos ?

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