Can curvy girls wear jumpsuits?

Here at Stitch Fix, we love and embrace the fact that everybody and every body is different. So we say: Embrace your figure and yes, sample any new trend that you love—including jumpsuits. You’ll never know how you look in one unless you try, right?

Here’s how to rock a jumpsuit when you’re curvy!

curvy girls wear jumpsuits

Find the right shape

With any tricky new trend, it is always best to try on a few options before making your decision. If you’re into structured pieces, opt for jumpsuits in a stiffer fabric, like heavyweight cotton, that skims over your curves. If you’re into billowy silhouettes, try a wide-leg jumpsuit with a tie-waist to emphasize your waistline but keep you cool. Regardless of the fabric you go for, a V-neck or scoop neckline will be your best allies for balancing your frame.

Start with solids

Make your jumpsuit a statement piece by choosing a solid shade in your favorite hue. You can go head-to-toe tonal by choosing shoes in a matching color for a streamlined and leg-lengthening style. The darker the color, the more streamlined your shape—but don’t be afraid to try the pastel end of the spectrum for a lighter touch!

Add an extra layer

If you’re looking to make your jumpsuit more than a one-piece wonder, add an extra layer for more shape, warmth or visual interest. Create structure with a fitted blazer (the key to wearing a jumpsuit at work) or keep it breezy with an open front cardigan.

Now that you’ve got the jumpsuit covered, try sampling its stylish cousin: the romper!

—Megan & Christina

How will you rock a jumpsuit? Tell us!

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