Can I style leggings without looking like I hit the gym?

If you’re like us and simply can’t take off your favorite leggings, you don’t have to! Thankfully, leggings are more acceptable than ever and, with a little creativity, you can take full advantage of their function (and comfort!) while keeping your style on point.

Here’s how to style your leggings.

How to Wear Leggings

When You A Girl Living On The Edgy(y)

With their streamlined silhouette and versatility, it should come as no surprise that leggings are an essential ingredient for modern ensembles. To get the look, dabble in proportion play. Try pairing a long, duster-length cardigan over a silk blouse with classic black leggings. Want more? Try an unexpected material (like suede!). Then, add a structured moto jacket for a non-bulky layering trick that gives you relaxed rocker vibes.

How to Wear Leggings

If You’re A Classic Girl. Period.

If you’re a classic dresser, but still want to feel comfortable, wear your leggings with your classic style staples like crew-neck sweaters, crisp oxford shirts and blazers. Even a borrowed-from-the-boys loafer is a perfect shoe pairing with these spandex heroes!

How to Wear Leggings

For The Easygoing Girl Who Can’t Quit Athleisure

Give your denim a day off! If you’re obsessed with athleisure (who isn’t) here’s how you can wear it and not look like you’re heading to the gym. Wear your leggings with a superbly soft investment sweater in a buttery-soft material like cashmere and add a weather-ready puffer. Then, just slip on sneakers, and you’ve officially conquered flawless off-the-clock style.

Next time you’re asking yourself “what am I going to wear?”—go ahead and reach for those leggings.

—Jennifer M.

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