Can I wear a sleeveless dress to an interview?

We get it—the spring and summer months bring the heat (literally) and the last thing you want to do in an interview is overheat. We say, yes—wear a short sleeveless to an interview, weather permitting. But before you do, we’ve got the long and short (sleeve) of wearing an arm-baring dress to meet your future boss.

sleeveless dresses for an interview

Consider the Role

First, think about the role you’re interviewing for. If it’s a creative role in a casual or business casual office, then full steam ahead with a sleeveless dress. But, if you’re interviewing for a senior role at a buttoned-up firm, it’s best to stick with sleeves or a piece to layer over your shoulders.

Ponder your Prints

After you’ve thought about the role that you’re applying for, look to the print of your dress. A brightly hued dress in a bold floral print might communicate that you’re ready for brunch, instead of an interview. Stick with geometric prints or solid colors, no matter where you’re interviewing.

Mind Your Accessories

So you’ve thought about your future workplace and the dress you’re going to wear. It’s time for accessories! If you’re going with a geometric or subtly patterned dress, stick with simple accessories like stud earrings a single necklace and a watch. Going the neutral route? Feel free to wear a statement necklace or bracelet—it’s all about balance.

Now the only thing you need to worry about is acing your interview!


What are your thoughts on wearing a sleeveless dress to an interview? Tell us!

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