Can I wear white after labor day?

We’ve all heard the rule: No white after Labor Day. But is it actually something that you and your closet need to stick to? As seasoned Stylists, we say wear your whites as you please! But our data scientists say that one thing is true—our clients tend to wear less white after the holiday. If you want to keep rocking your whites, keep reading to see how we do it.

Read on for tips on wearing white after Labor Day!

Wear White After Labor Day

Stock Up On Your Basics

We like to look at white as a neutral, and the perfect base to build most of your outfits around. Keep your closet stocked with basics, like a crisp white tee, a classic button-up and a cozy sweater in this goes-with-everything hue. Closet essentials in white will answer that question of “what should I wear today?”

Do Wear White Denim

Once reserved for the start of spring, we say “yes” to wearing this staple year-round. Try lightening up your blue jeans with a pair in bright white. The fresh tone is the perfect base for your summer brights, go-to neutrals and favorite fall tones.

Brighten Up Your Layers

Update your go-to layers in darker tones (think denim jackets, cardigans and blazers) with crisp, white hues. Try swapping in a lightweight, white layer over a feminine floral dress for structure or give your LBD a fresh spin with a white denim jacket.

Wear White From Head-to-Toe

White on white might sound like a spill waiting to happen but it’s a sure-fire way to feel ultra-chic in an instant. Pro tip: Mix shades of cream and beige with true whites and definitely play with texture to master the tonal trend.

—Jennifer M.  

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