Canada day nail art – Red, white & holo!


Nail vinyls 
♥ Simply Peel Latex Barrier

♥ FUN Lacquer ‘Diamond’ holo top coat
♥ Color Club ‘Red-handed
♥ Peel-off base coat
Quick-dry glossy top coat HK Girl by Glisten & Glow


  1. I do not like the u.s. cuz you know how

  2. 0:29 it’s okay Cristine, in Australia we have a day called Australia Day. Very creative

  3. I though our stereotype was that we live in igloos and ride moose that live on maple syrup… I'm from St John's NL.

  4. My bday is 1st of July! I must be blessed by the holo Canadian gods ?

  5. I live in michigan. Less than an hour away from canada. I want to live in canads, their tim Hortons are better than ours. So are their kitkats.

  6. For the last 7 years Alberta has been struck with a thunder storm. At least on my half…

  7. Ok,who doesn't know what or where Canada is? ? No way! ???

  8. i live in lake state and i can walk to Canada

  9. I'm to Canadian for this world

  10. My birthday is on Canada day lol???

  11. so sweet your doing nails from your country!!!


  13. Give a like if you are watching this in 2017

  14. Man I wish I coulda worn that for Canadas 150th birthday this year. rippppppp

  15. Remember When She Really Did Nail Art?

  16. That's the flag of Peru too (with other kind of leaves in the middle)

  17. canada day is also my birthday :))

  18. My birthday is Canada Day YAY

    I liked my own comment

  19. cristine's photo : where tf is canada???
    me : correction : who
    (celebrate with me fellow hetalians)
    also y'all this is also hong kong's bday soo…

  20. Really you love everyone? also Denmark? If you didn't know Denmark and Canada are at war with each-other, no really I'm telling the truth! google
    'Denmark and Canada whisky war'
    and you will see that im not lying!

  21. Christine hates me for this but i liked it better without the hollo taco

  22. I’m from Japan but I’m still English I don’t know how still

  23. My moms birth day is 4th of july 🙂 (sorry for my bad english im just a dutch girl)

  24. Is no one talking about how she didn’t use a peel off base coat

  25. My cousins always sorry for everything:/ it ticks me off, though I’m Canadian and I do the same thing to my mom

  26. Can you please do a video in which you test out the best holo topcoat please????

  27. CRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!! MY BIRTHDAY IS ON CANADA DAY!!!!! I just wanted to tell u.??????????

  28. july 1rst is my birthday i was born to come to you (for the holo)

  29. Idk who made the Canadian flag but I do know Betsy Ross made the American flag

  30. Once i was just a body of water away from Canada, i found a piece of road in the water , i kept it XD

  31. Do people watching actually do this? Or just watch it for fun like me?

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