Canada Day Nail Art



  2. Seriously? You HAD to say Aye?!?

  3. dont forget to put jb in one nail lol i love justin

  4. I love these nails because I wore them down to my dads

  5. Do u know Robin Sparkles. In the olds days like 90's she was a Canadian Pop star. She singed lets go to the mall

  6. Same colors of the Peruvian flag…so it works for me too!! 🙂

  7. Lol I was just singing the anthem the whole time WOOHOO CANADIAN REPRESENT

  8. I'm not Canadian but my birthdays on Canada Day❤️?

  9. Finally something for Canada it is always for America

  10. happy Canada Day! doing these awesome nails right now.

  11. Definitely doing this today, which is Canada day!! So excited!

  12. I'm canadian! Going to do this for tomorrow, which is Canada day!

  13. I'm so using this!! There are much more 4th of July ideas and I found this just in time!

  14. Yay! I'm Soooo doing this for Canada day!!

  15. imma do that for this year's Canada day since i live in Canada!!!!! (Ontario)

  16. theres this girl in my class she keeps on talking about Canada. Canada did this  Canada did that. she made me hate  the the word Canada. and if she ever watched this video I hope she finds this commet and reads it .her name is surrena elsadig and my name is mozan Ibrahim (P.S. this is my brothers profile not mine.)

  17. Im definately doing this nail design for canada day this year eh XD

  18. those stereotypes are soo old tho! I'm Canadain and I loved the video, great job!

  19. And she never said she was Canadian @Queena L.

  20. @Queena L. no she's not she lives in the USA

  21. People they are called stereotypes for a reason.So stop getting so political and just enjoy the Nail Art Tutorial. Thats why she posted it for to watch not to complain.
    Love you Cutepolish.

  22. I click on this video, in the first 10 seconds I here a Canadian stereotype/joke and it was killing me XD ! Love it! PROUD CANADIAN IN THE HOUSE

  23. Makes us Canadians proud!

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