Candy Corn Ombre Nails


  1. Camera mans hand in the shot just made me so happy!

  2. "so I went and got some" that is the BIGGEST jar of candy corn I have seen in my entire life

  3. missing grant hope he is on again

  4. I LOVE candy corn, every autumn I make myself sick on them lol

  5. That is quite a LOT of candy corn! My sister says to eat it mixed with peanuts. It cuts the sweetness a bit, and is really good. I personally haven't tried it, so I can't say if this is good or not. Love the nails!! ???

  6. lol im marathon-ing all your videos because ilysm

  7. Girl you need to simply peel like no big deal

  8. "Simply peel like no big deal" comments are annoying asf we get it. ??

  9. Cute until she covered her nails in stickers

  10. your voice is relaxing like Bob Ross

  11. that's the most simplest nail show you've ever done

  12. Please meet simplynailogical so she can try forms ?

  13. That is the warmest looking sweater. So cosy.

  14. I luv cameraman he is amazing ???

  15. Is the second skin stuff liquid latex

  16. Simply peel like no big deal 😀

  17. you should try simply peel it's a liquid latex

  18. I never Eat Candy corn because In My country People don't celebrate Halloween Day

  19. Candy corn is honey flavored! It's a great natural sweetener :3

  20. "Got some."
    Has a whole jar of candy corn.

  21. this is creative ?do you come up with these idea's yourself???

  22. Aw you should've used Simply Peel

    Any Holosexuals?

  23. Why don't use just use simply peel and peel up simply peel like no big deal

  24. Simply peel simplynailogical hint hint homosexual forever

  25. everybody!!!! I love you all..

  26. am I the only person here that thinks that the part of peeling the latex was satisfying

  27. I live in the US and would like to know which brands for acrylic powders are the best?

  28. For replacment of this product you're using You can buy liquid latex in quite big bottles (2-3oz) and use it as a cuticle protector!

  29. Peel off simply peel like no big deal and folo with a glossy taco

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