Candy Dot Lollipop Nail Art

I love all things colorful so I decided to do these nails inspired by candy and lollipops!


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  1. I just love u Hannah…..

  2. Wow! That looks perfect! Def.gonna try it!. <3
    Oh!..and I lovee your nails:)

  3. Once I saw the thumbnail, I quietly hoped that there's and easy trick to doing the swirl, but then the teeny tiny brush came out and my illusion was crashed. 😀 I can see how that'd be possible on your left hand, but drawing that precisely WITH the left hand…damn. Need to train my shaky hand. 🙂 But beautiful design nonetheless!!

  4. Hey Hannah! Could you please, please, please do a beach nail art video? I would really appreciate it. Please like this comment if you agree so she can see it. Thanks!

  5. Can you show techniques on how to do your non dominant hand

  6. I like the shape of your nails! Can you make a video on how you shape your nails? xx

  7. I love this tutorial Hannah and I definitely love the designs they Look so pretty and cute

  8. NEm rmanqqk NZzjjjj



  9. Can you use a normal paint brush for this or just a nail art brush?

  10. So ADORABLE HANNAH!!! When are you going to start doing 4th of July nail art? ❤️❤️❤️????????

  11. Very pretty can you use the Sally hansen miracle gel top coat on any type of nail polish and does it really last 14 days

  12. looks so adorable, thanks for this!

  13. This nail art is solo cute for summer and its soo neat and pretty. Practice makes perfect

  14. I love your videos!! You're so talented 🙂

  15. these look great sweetheart…great job.  love the colors :o)

  16. I've always wondered how to do a swirly nail!

  17. Love this tutorial, so playful!

  18. Love these fun nail arts!!keep it up!!<3

  19. 1st coment, like and everything!

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