Cara Delevingne Makeup Tutorial

Hey lovelies! Today I decided to film a Cara Delevingne makeup tutorial. I absolutely love the sun kissed look for the summer and thought I’d share with you guys how to recreate one of her signature looks, hope you enjoy!

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  1. do you have a list of the products you used? thanks xx

  2. This is gorgeous, I love all your makeup tutorials!!!

  3. girll youu really look wayy more beautyfull then cara ??

    It's so kind of you to this most youtubers don't do this btw congratz with your 1mill subscribers???? I would like to win the urban decay palets or the skincare products since I have a really bad skin just a few weeks before my wedding??

    I will make an twitter account on the nam lizzz_morozv
    my instagram account is : @lizzz_morozv

    xoxo liza ❤❤

  4. You just look so fine .. I'm totally straight but gosh being that gorgeous is unfair haha !
    And thanks a lot for your tutorials, they're all stunning and seem so easy !! 😀

  5. you're gorgeous 🙂 i love your tutorials new subscriber here! 😀

  6. hey! where is the eyeliner and lipstick that you used in this from? ☺️

  7. Kind of easier when you actually LOOK like Cara Delevingne :/

  8. You are soooo pretty your face looks so unique omg?

  9. i love that you put Harrison in your videos!

  10. I will definitely be using this makeup tutorial for many of my looks this summer. Great job! 🙂 

  11. You should do this makeup all the time it really suits you. It also makes your eyes pop.

  12. Anabel Englund make-up tutorial maybe? ;u; 

  13. This is the best Cara makeup tutorial I have seen on YouTube so far!

  14. Jennifer Lawrence or Leighton meester, but like natural looks xx

  15. Ty soo much! -Especially you did it on the same day I asked!! ;OO x Btw, you look so similar to her already!! x

  16. Heyyyyyy where'd the red hair go? Totally love the lighter shade but the red was so iconic ?✨

  17. Another tutorial of Lily Collins would be great?? Please☺️

  18. Really pretty eyemakeup, i would love to see a demi lovato inspired one!

  19. This is so gorgeous, could you do a Jennifer Laurence makeup look (everyday natural or red carpet event look? maybe even Katniss everdeen?) 

  20. You actually look really similar to her naturally!! Awesome tutorial!

  21. You are beautiful! Can you make a Hannah Snowdon tutorial?

  22. You are so incredibly beautiful? loved the tutorial

  23. your hair looks amazing! yours so beautiful! and that makeup really suits you. nuff love xx

  24. Can you please do a Barbara palvin makeup look?

  25. ooorrrr the look nina nesbitt has in her selfies music video,that's so awesome as well.sorry i must be so annoying with all these requests ?

  26. also,if you don't mind me asking,do you think you could consider doing a Barbara Palvin inspired makeup?there's not many tutorials on her look on youtube and I really like her,especially in the advert she did for Armani Exchange,like here's the advert i don't know it'd be so cool if you could.lots of love! <3

  27. You are soooooo cute <3
    Can you do a lookbook? I like your style.

  28. you never disappoint me,i get sooo excited every time i see you've posted a new video,your videos are literally perfection,everything looks so pro it's like you've been doing youtube for years!!you are amazinggggg ??

  29. Please do an Eleanor Calder makeup tutorial! 🙂

  30. Can you do an avril lavigne makeup tutorial? Anyway I'll definitely try this one it's pretty! 😀

  31. I think I might be first to the party! Love your tuts!

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