Cardio Dance Workout To Scorch Calories | Class FitSugar

This cardio dance workout scorches calories.

POPSUGAR Fitness offers fresh fitness tutorials, workouts, and exercises that will help you on your road to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief. Check out Class FitSugar, our do-it-along-with-us real-time workout show hosted by Anna Renderer who will inspire you to sweat alongside fitness experts and Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers. Class FitSugar regularly covers the most buzzed-about workout classes and trends, including the Victoria’s Secret workout, Tabata, P90X, Bar Method, and more.


  1. Loved this video! A great workout and great modifications for this girl with a bad back and bad knees. Thanks!!

  2. You're lots of fun and I loved the workout! Thank you!!

  3. Does anyone think he looks a bit like woody harrelson's little brother? XD

  4. lo máximo….divertidísimo…por favor mas videos con él

  5. You can get best workout for 10 dollars, just look on Unflexal website.

  6. LOVE LOVE JASON workout. Can we HAVE a longer one please? Thank you PopSugar

  7. I'm never a cardio girl and this month I have been off my workout but I just randomly chose this video and I'm surprised I managed to finish it – despite taking a few seconds on and off to catch my breath. Love it.

  8. Hard to follow with no counts , need 8 counts each move for ppl to follow

  9. Been doing this one a lot recently. Love this guy. He makes 20 minute's go by pretty quick but I'm always sweating buckets by the end.

  10. This dude sure has some Eastern European roots I mean look at those 'slav wedding' moves 😀
    Loved the workout tho

  11. Brilliant! I do this workout almost every day. WOW;) Invite Jason, please!!!!

  12. So good workout, i'm completely sweating….!!!

  13. I love dance cardio workouts coz I'm a dancer and although I enjoy other forms of workouts, these ones are my favourite…??

  14. Okey now is 01:47am so I will start tomorrow with kpop on the background?

  15. Did this shit for 3 weeks lose hella weight

  16. Oh my word, what an amazing workout! I loved how instructions were given as it made me pay close attention. One of my favorite workouts!

  17. I also prefer 10-20 mins workout.

  18. POPSUGAR Fitness you REALLY need to work on your music. I do a LOT of your workouts , but I find your music lacks the energy required to make me move, so I use my own upbeat music. However with this workout, I had to switch off mine so I could follow the moves with the music in the background. It was terrible , I stopped in about 6 mins to switch to another workout. Main problem: the music is sooooo far in the background, that if I increase the volume for the music , the voice of instructer gets SO loud that it deafens me. Plus I feel the music and dance are also not in sync, or more accurately the music does not make me want to move.

  19. I thought it was fun. I didn't pay attention to the beat. Had no problems keeping up with them. I sweat like crazy and my muscles are sore probably from that 7km walk. Music doesn't matter for workout vids for me, as long as the people are interesting and motivating.

  20. I agree with some comments below. Good movements but instructions are not good. Also it's not very uplifting that the instructor looks awfully tired.

  21. how many calories will I lose doing this workout for 20 min??

  22. I love this one! I think it's great for beginners. I've been doing this about 5-6 days a week (while dieting of course) and dropping weight! Always super sweaty and refreshed after this work out <: I always add my own music tho.

  23. Plyo Jam is the best too 🙂

  24. Anna you are the best . Love love love

  25. This video was great. I dance for 10 mins and I swear to God that I already sweats a lot. Thanks for this good video! 😀

  26. love it??gonna try this tomorrow ?

  27. Plyojam is so great. Love what you do!

  28. how many days do you have to continue this in order to see results?

  29. I m from India and I love your workout and style Jason. m doing this workout since a week, want 2 know how long will it take to tone the belly and reduce at least 2 kgs

  30. lol …….great workout…i like when he said you have to have a fierce look when you do this….Lol…i know that's right

  31. omg boy!! i'm into bodyweight training and the "fake-badass" cardio workouts are so annoying!! for sure i'll give this a try it seems very fun! 🙂

  32. I liked the instructor and appreciate him making workouts available online for free. The chick on the left really got on my nerves with her constant comments "my legs are burning", "oh boy", "oh my goodness", "I'm dying". When I workout I like hearing the music and the instructions, not constant whining…

  33. Loved it, I´m sweating a lot!

  34. Thanks for the modifications on this – good for those of us with the odd knee and shoulder twinges!

  35. Hmm.. i didnt like this coach that much. And turn the music up!!!

  36. Such an awesome workout!!! I can't believe I am trying it the first time today, will definitely come back to it later!!!

  37. does anyone know how many calories this will burn? I recently bought a pedometer that only counts steps and miles and doesnt show calories burned on it. sad. Just want to do an excercise where I know how many cals will get burned .thx

  38. This workout is amazing! It's so much fun. Please do more like this.

  39. The exercise was good. But there should have been a warm up at the beginning. You can't just go full-on right off the bat. I would prefer if there was a proper guided warm up & cool down. Everything in one video would be great!

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