Cat Eyes Gel Polish

Suzie has fun creating the trendy Cat Eye look in a luxiourous black and gold using Exclusive Nail Couture’s Precious Minerals.

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Have Fun!


  1. That is the coolest stuff. I'm gonna have to get some lol

  2. Really love it I like this look!!

  3. Suzie has a cute dainty sneeze. When I sneeze I make people jump. lol

  4. Cat's Eye is a mineral or gemstone right? Looks just like the effect on your nails so I think it's named after the gemstone, not actual eyes of cats hehe

  5. i like both physics and nails lol

  6. ,are you allowed to shake them up b4 using

  7. I really like this, it reminds me more of a galaxy then a cat eye, which is why I think that I like it.

  8. A white Precious Minerals over a blue would make a beautiful star sapphire nail. Can you do a video on that?

  9. i like quantum physics………

  10. i relate so hard to camera man!!!!

  11. I feel the camera man because I like psychology and I'm like "OOO OOO OO PSYCHOLOGY" and my friends are like "no? No one cares"

  12. i feel like if anyone else said to me that sounds boring i would be upset but shes just so mom like and cute that its okay

  13. First time I've seen the magnetic polish in gel form. Love it! I have several regular polish colors, and the magnets in the lids are different shapes. Some do cat eyes, some do stars, etc. I believe I got them at Walmart, a few years ago. Really liking this new brand you're showing too. ???

  14. went to a salon and she drill filed my nails so much that she cut my cuticle. very painful.

  15. Tell your husband some of us do like quantum physics and mechanics. My brother studied Physics at Leeds Uni and then got his Master in Nanotechnology in a joint project between Leeds and Sheffield Uni. Admittedly he ended up being an SQL Database Administrator, which is entirely different, but while he was doing his A Levels and degrees he insisted on teaching me as he went.

    Now my teenager is about to start Uni and they are doing Computer Games Design, so now I get to know a whole new set of topics without attending Uni… lucky me! Me? I'm an artist, a Textile designer and teacher, I have Dyscalcula (number dyslexia) and I'd rather spend my days writing and creating patterns to share with people!

  16. i love you suzie but you shouldve waited til your cold went away,youre allowed you time!:) ilysm

  17. how cool,when Suzie holds the magnet over tge fresh nail, you can see the metallic move! wow!!

  18. Cat-um Physics? Hahaha loved this video ❤

  19. I think i's called cat eyes because of the cat's eye stone it shimmers in the same way.

  20. Don't worry camera man, my sister loves talking to me about quantum stuff. And I love it!

  21. Bless Suzie and the cameraman

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