CAT Halloween Tutorial

Hey Larlee’s here is super easy basic cat halloween tutorial. If al else falls this Halloween go as a black cat. lol I went as a cat for majority of my childhood. I used only makeup products to create this look, no special affect makeup needed. Thanks for watching xo- Laura



  1. Obsesssssed with this look you created ??????????????

  2. this is the only time in my opinion that u look pretty ?

  3. You shouldn't steal Marina Joyce's idea ?

  4. I don't know how many times I replay your videos ?❤️ You're such an awesome person and so devoted to your subscribers and followers , thank you for being you ??

  5. This is the cutest cat costume I've ever seen! You make it look so unique and stylish. Love you ?

  6. you look awesome that makeup is amazing

  7. I love how she loves cats just like me and my family ?

  8. Jenna D. Tatum…. that's who you look like in this video! Took me til the end!

  9. I was trying to figure out the whole intro to the end video why you looked different!! I didn't realize it was your contacts until you started the tutorial!

  10. So simple but so cute..will be doing this next year!!

  11. i did a cat makeup in my canal. please check out and i hope u like ✨

  12. What's the song used behind her voiceover?

  13. Hi, my recent upload is also a cat Halloween video and it is inspired by your video! I mentioned you and try to follow your steps! Haha check it out if you like to 🙂 xx

  14. FINALLY!!! I have found you and subscribed. How are you so stunning?!?!?!?!

  15. Laura reminds me so much of Huda Beauty with this look

  16. Laura does a look without highlighter?!! Honey are you okay? Blink twice if you need help…

  17. love this laura you look gorgeous!!??

  18. She looks prettier without makeup

  19. Love that regular make up products were used to make this look

  20. Super cute kitty cat lol

  21. I can do this!!!! Love the upper lip!!

  22. What brand are those contacts from? They are beautiful +.+

  23. My boyfriend hates that I'm obsessed with make up tutorials, but always watches when your on! Such a babe! ❤️?❤️

  24. You look amazing as a cat especially with those contacts!

  25. Your kitty looks just like mine!! Omg!!

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