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Top 12 Favorite Amazon Activewear Finds

I consider myself to be a relatively passive person, but I will fight tooth and nail with anyone who says leggings aren’t pants. I’m a work-from-home blogger who does crafts and chases around puppies all day– I literally live in…

7 Everyday Denim Outfits

Everyday Denim Outfits
Denim is a staple in my closet and is probably a staple in most you everyone else's closet. It's so easy to wear and nothing beats the comfort of a pair of worn in jeans. I wanted to share with you guys 7 different outfits that I created using denim!

The Best of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018

Take her or leave her, Oprah’s got some pretty great taste! I started paying close attention to her annual “Favorite Things” list a few years ago after finding pretty much all my friends’ and families’ Christmas gifts on there. Some…

5 Ways to Wear Fall Boots

Wear Fall Boots
Thanks to Target for collaborating with me on this Fall Boots video! Boots are such a Fall closet essential for me. They are super versatile, easy to dress up or dress down and look great with many different outfits. In today's lookbook I will show you guys 5 different ways to style boots for the fall and the winter! Happy holidays everyone!