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At Home Core and Booty Workout

At Home Core and Booty Workout

When you think of exercises for the perfect hourglass shape, odds are, you’re thinking of waist-slimming moves. A small waist is definitely the goal, but you can boost your results by adding some booty-building moves. This Hourglass Workout pairs both…

❤️ Sexy Inner Thigh Workout For Women | Lose Inner Thigh Fat

Sexy Inner Thigh Workout For Women
In this video you will learn 4 workouts that target the inner thighs. So if you want to lose some fat from the inner thigh area or just want to get well toned lean thighs then this routine is perfect for you. There are many variations inner thigh workouts, however these are very effective to get started. It's best to the routine 3-4 times a week for maximum results. Try to keep rest time no longer than 30 seconds to maximize the burn for each session.

Grow Your Glutes and Hips | Side Butt | 11 Minute Bigger Glutes & Curvy Hips Workout!

Grow Your Glutes and Hips
If you're struggling to your glutes and hips add this routine to your workout regimen. It's a low-impact workout routine therefore it's perfect for persons with knee issues. The primary aim of this routine is to hit the gluteus medius specifically. All you need is a resistance band. If you have been following us for some time, you should have invested in a resistance band by now. They're super cheap and you can get them almost at any fitness store. However, if you're still not able to get your hands on a resistance band you can still get the benefits of the workout. It's just that by adding external resistance with the band you can stimulate even more muscle growth.

❤️ How To Get Rid of Back Fat | 4 Exercises To LOSE Back Fat!

How To Get Rid of Back Fat
If you're trying to get rid of back fat then this video will definitely help. Many women struggle with excessive back fat even after trying "weight loss belts' or pills. But nothing beats good old exercise. If you do the back fat workout routine in this video consistently you will notice how toned your upper and lower back becomes. You can also have a sexy toned back like those Victoria secret models as there is no special secret to it anyway. It's just pure exercise and proper diet.