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How to gain Muscle Quickly and Effectively

How to gain Muscle Quickly and Effectively

Muscle gain may be every fitness buff’s dream, but it is actually harder to achieve than most people assume. The process of building muscle naturally is typically long and frustrating and if you are impatient, it may prove even harder…

Is the Turkey to Blame For Your Thanksgiving Coma?

Thanksgiving Coma
It's a common Thanksgiving scenario: within an hour of finishing dinner, half of your family winds up asleep on the couch. Inevitably someone will blame the turkey, or rather, the tryptophan that it contains. If you're curious as to whether or not there's any truth to this tryptophan argument or you just want to know how to keep from winding up in a Thanksgiving coma, then this video is definitely for you!

Is Tofurky Really a Healthy Turkey Alternative For Thanksgiving? | Fit or Fiction

With a roasted turkey taking center stage on Thanksgiving, vegetarians are often left with a heaping plate of green bean casserole. Thankfully there are plenty of meat-free alternatives available like the ever-popular Tofurky. But how healthy is a product that has been processed to taste like real meat? We do the digging to let you know if Tofurky is worth the calories or if you're better off sticking to those mashed potatoes.

4 Products That Change Your Face Beyond Recognition

How to understand which foods you like perhaps too much just by looking at your face? Before you eat another cookie or drink another glass of wine, think about how it will reflect on your looks. "You are what you eat," - they say. You have probably heard this expression many times. But do you take it into consideration when you choose what to cook for lunch or what to drink with your dinner?

Mango Energy Bar Recipe | Healthy Recipes | Fitness How To

Mango Energy Bar Recipe
How you fuel your body before working out affects your performance and recovery. Take a snacking lesson from endurance athlete Brendan Brazier, founder of the plant-based nutrition company Thrive Forward. These tasty nuggets, featuring healthy whole foods like quinoa and coconut, will power your workout. As an added convenience, these bites will keep in the freezer for months. Watch this video to learn how to make Brendan's energy bites!