Celebrity Beauty Hacks EVERY Girl SHOULD KNOW!!


  1. Where's the part 2?!??? I'd been waiting it for a long time .?

  2. hey hang on ! that last hack , we need t9 our our body ri8 ? thats not gonna stay ?!

  3. do Adele part pleaseee

  4. Great video! Can you do Nina dobrev???

  5. Umm cellulite is like right below your butt cheeks on the backof your legs. I don't know what that area is called lol! It's defintely not where you were putting it.

  6. Please sifia reyes beauty hacks please

  7. can you do demi lovato beauty hacks

  8. can you do 100 layers of eyeliner

  9. Does anyone else see Megan Trainor in her?

  10. Please do one on Camila cabello!!!

  11. victoria secet hacks please or victoria secret secrets

  12. could you please do A whole video of Taylor Swift she is my favourite! xxxx

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