Celebrity Inspired Braid Tutorial

Celebrity Inspired Braid Tutorial


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  1. oh my god!!you are stynning!! amazing.so beautiful

  2. lol I saw this picture on Wendy Williams celebrity look alike portion of her show…lol u really do remind me of Kim Kardashian.

  3. Wow makeup tutorial for this look please !!!

  4. Is your real eye color blue??what are you hispanic?

  5. Hmmm your best friend site is not working… would love to check him out because i'm a DJ too 🙂 by the way your are a amazing women you don't need any make-up 🙂

  6. I saw you on the Wendy Williams show!!

  7. Yup this picture was on the Wendy Williams show

  8. You are the first person on youtube that is sooo pretty and not annoying – the most of the people I have seen seems nice, but they always have an understatement that says "I'm better and prettier than you". But I really like you! 🙂

  9. my life is chicken wing wallah

  10. Loooool brad my babbyyyyy I love u like I love chicken yummm

  11. oh yess sally we are here for brad, thats the way aha aha i like it ahaha, gerkchicken hum hum

  12. Yes imagine his face when he sees carlii fucking a black boy :O I feel sorry for him but dw brad brad am here for you just tell me when we can link and dat 😉

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