Celtic Braid and 3 Ways to Style It!

Comment with which style is your favorite and make sure to send me pictures if you try it!


  1. All I can see is her face. I need the tutorial girl. Not a view of your smile and perfectly arched eyebrows.

  2. 0:23 I freaked out and thought that was ALL OF YOUR HAIR! I was like, what happened??? Lol

  3. how do you put it in 3 sections when you stop at the end

  4. I learned to do four strand braids with this, thank you so much!! It was so easy to understand!! ♥

  5. can you please do a hair care video?

  6. A celtic braid with some curls would be so cute

  7. Finally learned how to do a Celtic braid!!!!!

  8. Your make up in this vid looks beautiful!

  9. I love your hair! How is it so shiny, voluminous and healthy looking!?

  10. Yes! it acctually looks really cool on curly hair!

  11. Does this braid also work on curly hair?

  12. I was struggling with the last part, but I finally did it!

  13. Can you do a video showing how your hair is cut, because I like the legnth you have 🙂

  14. she was saying "kel-tic" which is right in this situation.

  15. I'm sure you don't actually say, celtic "kel-tic" you say it like "sel-tic"

  16. You should do a messy space buns tutorial!!

  17. Iwore the half up style with some lose curls today and got so many complements on it! i even got complements from boys who proabley don't pay attention to things like hair! thanks alot!

  18. May I just say . . . I LOVE you ring

  19. you really do have a gorgeous hair ! 🙂

  20. any chance of you doing a tutorial on your blow out in that video im not very good at them xxxx

  21. Your hairstyles are the best 😉

  22. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting. I appreciate the thorough tutorial to achieve the Celtic braid as well!!

  23. I love the first hairstyle…it's so romantic!

  24. I did this braid on accident one time (before even knowing it was a thing,haha!) by just being bored and randomly braiding little braids in the ends of some strands of my hair, and I without even realizing it pulled one strand tighter than the others and I noticed the braid became zigzag squiggly thing and it was really pretty! My friend and I thought it was the funniest thing and did the braid all the time after that! Now I know that it has a name through this video!! Thanks! xx <3

  25. Beautiful! Make more makeup tutorials please!

  26. Ooh, the first one is soo pretty!! Thanks!

  27. this is brilliant! I do a lot of LARP! si this is going to be perfect !!!!

  28. i wore this going in to a side fishtail braid to the store today, and i got so many complements on it! thanks so much for your tutorials , there awsome, and you have no clue how greatfull i am for this chanel!

  29. Try spin pins instead of bobby pins for the braided bun they make it hold so much better! Especially if you have fine hair where bobbly pins tend to slip out throughout the day.

  30. I like your secret shirt changes 🙂

  31. I have never heard of this braid before but it's so cute! I really like the half-up half-down hairstyle and the braided bun.

  32. I tried this braid today and got quite a few compliments. 🙂

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