Cersei Lannister Purple Wedding Hair

I so love this hairstyle, and I think that’ it’s more doable than it looks! Comment below if you have another Game of Thrones Hairstyle you love!

I have to say, I love Game of Thrones hairstyles! Even though I don’t watch the show (I’m such a wimp when it comes to violence!), I always love looking at the hair. Cersei Lannister’s hair at the purple wedding was everything! I was so excited to do a tutorial on this hairstyle and I hope you were excited to see it :).


  1. HOLY DINAH!! This is incredible!! Are the extensions heavy?

  2. Her modern plus 1845 hairstyle

  3. Please do katherine pierce from the vampire diaries

  4. Is this the light auburn Kanekalon? All they have for lighter hair is light auburn and platinum and I'm not sure I'm either of those

  5. Take a shot every time she adds kanekalon

  6. Just found this channel, I love it

  7. ok now I know what I'll do next time I get bored!

  8. Can you do a hairstyle from Vikings? One of Lagertha's?

  9. U are sich a pretty women ? Love Ur Videos U do a amazig Job … greetings from Germany ?

  10. where can I buy this extension hair without the pin

  11. You look more like Cersei than Cersei tbh

  12. Why are rope braids called braids when they're twists?

  13. This is so cool and amazing!! You are so good at hair

  14. Am I the only one who got a hair headache from watching this?

  15. Did you do something to the kanekalon? Because I bought some yesterday and it wasn't as soft and tangle free as yours

  16. You can also use Play Dirty by Schwartzkopf Osis to cut down on the shine and to make the artificial hair look remotely real.

  17. I just accidentally stumbled onto your tutorials via suggested videos while watching GOT clips, and please don't take this like some creepy guy on Youtube trying to come on to you cuz I'm a total homo (lol), but I just had to say: GIRL!!! That is so awesome that you figure out how to replicate these crazy complex hairstyles (mind-boggling!) and make these videos… And not for nothing, but OMG, you are absolutely all-caps GORGEOUS as well! Keep on rocking at what you do – props to you!

  18. this is mad hair skills. keep up the great work!!

  19. this is revolutionary. the fake hair looks AWESOME.

  20. You remind me of a GOT character but I can't remember who exactly

  21. Thank you for this video, for me the difficulty is getting these braids longer and thicker is nearly impossible with my own hair. These techniques just gave me an idea for how to do the hairstyle for melisandre in season 2 and danaerys in season 5. thanks!

  22. this look SOOOOOO hard and complicated but its actually easy (I haven't tried it but I think I could do it if I had a ton of bobby pins and the extra hair

  23. please make more game of thrones hairstyles ❤

  24. You look beautiful in this hairstyle

  25. How much connect alongs did you youse

  26. I can just imagine someone wearing this to school??

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