Chamomile tea – Indications and effects

Chamomile tea Indications and effects e1491975462819

Chamomile grows in populated areas throughout Europe and Asia, North America and Australia. This miracle herb blooms from early summer to late June. Chamomile has been used thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt where it was praised for its healing properties. In Europe, it was used probably started around the 1600s to treat back pain, rheumatism, neuralgia and nervousness. Many years ago, both in Europe and the United States, this tea was useful to treat conditions such as fainting, weakness and general anxiety.

Chamomile tea is used in medicine for:

  • Treating sensitive stomach,
  • Sensitive bowel syndrome
  • As an aid to sleep more smoothly
  • Used as a laxative and is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

To prepare infusion of chamomile, use about two teaspoons of chamomile flowers per cup of tea, and the ship to cover the oils do not evaporate. It is important to treat stomach eating a cup every morning before breakfast for a period of two or three months.

Also, chamomile tea is useful for rinsing the oral mucosa. Studies have shown the following effects: antispasmodic, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, ant mutagenic and lowering cholesterol.

It is possible to use for wound healing and improve diabetes or cancer prevention.

If used consistently, its action can be as a sedative effect. Chamomile help fight fevers, neuralgia, colic, spasms gastrointestinal, nervousness, insomnia. When consumed before meals, it has a tonic effect on appetite.

The stomach problems treated there are:

  • Ulcers
  • Acidity
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Colic in infants

Chamomile tea is also useful for treating colds, sleep disturbances, nervousness, menstrual cramps (vaginal washes chamomile), allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and other allergies.

For external use, prepare chamomile tea to treat skin and skin, specifically dry areas of the skin, psoriasis, washing and disinfection of mouth and wounds, red eyes, certain types of conjunctivitis, treatment of certain wounds (promotes healing), hemorrhoids cures face, hair discoloration, hiatal hernia.

The effects of drinking chamomile tea:

  • there are less, the usual is the risk of allergic reaction and if you drink daily for about 3-4 months can have a sedative effect.


  • the only one discovered is the allergy to chamomile, but it’s not that common. The interactions: none known.

Chamomile tea is popular for its role to the relax the smooth muscle tissue. It can also help relieve dental pain, stomachache, digestion problems. It also help accelerate your metabolism and of course your intestinal transit.

Possible actions to improve health for: kidney, spleen, sunburn, rash, bronchitis, bladder problems, elimination of parasites, can improve liver function and eliminate jaundice and use as a poultice for swelling and pain and helps prevent gangrene can treat back pain.

However, we should not use chamomile during pregnancy, but for relaxing baths we can use to enhance the effects of aromatherapy, especially in this period of time.

This herbal treatment is a 100% natural so people should use who wants a better health and to feel better every day.