Chanel Inspired Nail Art

Suzie creates a beautiful nail art design inspired by one of the world’s greatest fashion icons Coco Chanel, using gems and Paris themed Stamps.

Products Featured in this video:

  • Colourz Work Bitch UV/LED Gel
  • Sparklez Rockstar UV/LED Gel
  • Gel Brush By Fuzion
  • Clear Jelly Stamper, and Stamping Plates
  • Stamping Polish: Black 001, Light Pink 068, Deep Pink 075
    By Clear Jelly Stamper 
  • Super Shiny – Light Elegance


  1. How cute is this design OMG i love it!!

  2. Those nails are so gorgeous ♥️ you are so talented and creative I absolutely love you ♥️

  3. Awesome Job Suzie ?this great tip use a lint roller to clean your stamper it keeps it clear. Using remover clouds it. Learnt the hard way. Love love your tutorials ?

  4. I feel inspired!!! Thank you as always ????

  5. Beautiful design, and great production as always…. liked the music in this one especially!

  6. You are a bad ass on all your creations. Hats off to the mani Queen ??. I love ur art❤️❤️❤️.

  7. Big Girl playing with her nail polish,WHAT fUN!!

  8. Where did you get the Chanel jewels?

  9. Love it… trouble shooting at its finest…Suzie, you're the best ??
    I love this design. Everything blends together perfectly..just gorgeous ?
    The Bistro table is adorable and I love that pinky. Thanks so much Suzie ?

  10. It so funny how she talks about Chanel as if Gabrielle Chanel is still alive.

  11. Mitchalisia Hi. OMG ! Your nails are GORGEOUS !!! CoCo would absolutely love them if she was still around ! I just live vicariously through your nails, as with my budget I can't afford such a luxury ! I have noticed you seem to have narrow nails, & so do I & I could never use the glue on nails as they're to wide for my nailbeds, & the few times I've tried to use them the glue didn't even hold for 24 hrs ! Just washing your hands a few timed & they would pop right off ! This theme was absolutely Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful !!! Thank you for sharing !!! & where in the world did you get the CC charms ? You FLIPPIN ROCKED This CoCo Chanel Theme Out to the Max !!! ?????? BOOM ! DROP THE MIC ? YOU ARE THE PICASSO GODDESS of NAIL ART ! ? ? ??? ?

  12. Oml first time I hear Suzie cuss?????

  13. I had a very stressful day and ended up crying at work and this is just very soothing to watch and listen so thanks and great work!

  14. Pretty set, and always fun to see a new video by you!

  15. Debbie from CJS would be SO proud of your stamping game now :o) I loved the WHOLE mani. Coco Chanel would be delighted :o)

  16. I miss the music from your older videos ?

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