Cheap + Trendy Back to SCHOOL CLOTHING HAUL 2017 | Try On !!


  1. Hi new subbie here!? pls sub back idol!? i hope u notice my comment thankyouu pretty!!?

  2. I am fr greece girl. .. Where did you go? Love you <3

  3. You're my favorite YouTuber !! I feel like every time I think of something you have the video of it.❤️?

  4. Nocoletta xo love your videos and your style❣️?

  5. Where are your necklaces from? Super cute!! ????

  6. Why isn't anyone talking about how gorgeous she looked in the intro/talking parts ?

  7. Advance (Happy Birthday)….Nicoletta

  8. In my case those prices aren't affordable. ?

  9. Girl can I ask u something can u make a video about how to seek around without people following you and how to be ready for upcoming tricks

  10. I live in Greece?at which place are you comingg??

  11. Please follow my dance musically account evelove24 and whoever spams me with the most likes gets a duet!?❤?

  12. can u make a video on how to stay motivated to wrok out/ be healthy? bc i have tried so many times but i cant keep doing it 🙁

    like so she can see this

  13. You dont wear a corset at school.

  14. what are you studying at school? I'm going to college in the fall and I'm not sure what to major in :/

  15. I love ur videos. You inspired me to make YouTube videos. Do you have any advice for me?

  16. can you let us know how you get your teeth so white

  17. In which place of Greece will you go? (i live in greece ?)

  18. I'm from Greece and I love you??

  19. necolette plz do more lookbooks and how to style clothes plz i really need ur advise plz respond i love you from algeria

  20. I really love your videos and you inspire me and help me with hacks and diys your so pretty and sweet pls pin me

  21. Been at H&M my self today and got a lotvofv

  22. oh i forgot… u make videos for exposing boobs ..ass ….asshole.
    ..shameless creature…..

  23. correct ur t shirt to upwards….. boobs r visible

  24. Try to and add a less wider belt with ur t-shirt dress..that will look amazing..???all the clothes are amazing ??❤️

  25. I have a little chubby Stomach but I like crop tops so I love wearing high waisted jeans with them

  26. but Nicoletta yes thoroughly impressive beautiful outfits and things sweetie xoxo

  27. Hiii…..i love your videos vey much

  28. My school start next at 20/9

  29. hey nic !! could u plz tell me about ur exact weight and height.

  30. In love with your fashion. It so stylish yet basic.

  31. short struggles here I'm really short too

  32. Really love these clothes❤❤

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