Checkered Nail Art


  1. ?% τελιααα

  2. wish i was a girl, so i could paint my nails

  3. Este foarte frumos???☺️??????

  4. can i see polcadots here ????

  5. can u stripe it with any color?

  6. You are awesome at nail me and my sister love you

  7. Could you do school nail art

  8. Can you do a video without the tools because I don't have the tools and I don't know where to get the tools from

  9. Can u make a video showing how to make a disney princess nail

  10. You make it look easy when really its hard?

  11. I would like to learn how to make little sunsets on my nails
    Great video. Thanks ?

  12. Thanks I might give that a try myself ?

  13. How short? My nails are just over a centimeter long.

  14. You can go to a local Dollar Tree or Walmart to get strippers. And this a very cute design, I will try this on my daughter. Thanks.

  15. Should have called it (don't tap the white line)

  16. where do u get all your stripers from I've been looking and I cant find them anywhere

  17. I like me!!! 😀 it's

  18. I like me!!! 😀 it's

  19. show me another nail art performant easy way like apple nail art

  20. Pls try some nail art designs which do not need any tools but only nail polishes and easy ones too

  21. Can u do a pet ??????nail art plz

  22. Can u do a video on how to make American flag design on nails

  23. Tips for getting rid of yellowish colour of nails

  24. Tips for getting rid of yellowish colour of nails

  25. I've been looking for a Superman Shield symbol, nail job.

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