Chevron colour-blocking with nail vinyls nail art

Chevron colour-blocking with nail vinyls nail art



  1. Nostalgic, cristine didn't even talk yet. Crazy, really!

  2. Wow where am I? some old ass video. Quick back to polish mountain!

  3. what is the background music?
    I MUST KNOW!!!!!!

  4. Your welcome, I just watched an ad for you ??

  5. This is cool! So many pretty colors!

  6. Hi christeen can u please talk in your nail video

  7. If I paint my nail polish and it gets all around my cuticles and my skin do you recommend using simply peel also for just painting nails

  8. what's a nail art tutorial without your voice ???

  9. oh my goodness girl your just to awesomeness!! I just can't get enough of these videos.. your nail art is super awesome!!!?

  10. Awesome no dislikes ❤️❤️

  11. Damn…I now need every single one of these smexy colors! Beautiful!

  12. Hey! Your nail art is super cool. Your gradients are insane. Would you be interested in making a video or blog post about how you shape your nails? Especially how you keep that same shape when they get really long? I'm always trying to find the best shape for my nails and like to see how other people do theirs.

  13. As always a fantastic super cute nail art tutorial…. im a biiiiig fan of ur nail arts

  14. Super design! Very beautiful colors ! 🙂

  15. Yessss! Finally out of the Nub Club! I'm getting there as well!Bliss Kiss is the stuff of angels, I tell you. This look is awesome and I LOVE your brush porno… Your videos are fantastic! The effort you put into your nail art shows, so thank you so much!

  16. were do u get the stickers for design!!

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