Chic DIY Hair Storage Tray – KayleyMelissa

Finally! A chic diy hair storage solution! I hope you love these variations on trays to store your items and protect your counters!

I hope you guys enjoy this minimal 5 minute craft! This is great for yourself or as a gift. I hope you guys enjoy, let me know if you want more DIY!!


  1. Hi Kayley,?

    Sorry for being off topic but I was watching your DIY pantry/spice jar organization and am wondering where you got the spice drawer. Thanks so much.?

  2. Able minor commit duck everywhere how giant vitamin

  3. Paper clip holders are a great bobby pin storage solution because of the magnets :] One could also DIY something cuter with magnets

  4. Love your curls in this video! Tutorial please? Also love that you brought back the clean to dirty styles!!!

  5. Such a great idea that I would have never thought of. I’m in the process of getting a new vanity and reorganizing my makeup and hair tools and I’m so glad you posted this video at the time you did!

  6. I’d love to see more Star Wars hair videos especially Leia in the original trilogy even just her like at the end of a new hope and start of empire strikes back

  7. What is that shirt your wearing from? It’s so cute Also I just want to say your very talented and my favorite hair guru

  8. I love this! I would love to see your ideas for the same problem but for someone who literally has 0 space. Think- tiny nyc apt 🙂

  9. My bathroom is so small that I use a trivet that you'd set hot pots on for my hot tools. AND I have to put the trivet on the toilet seat since there is NO room on the vanity. ☹️

  10. I know this video isn’t much about hair, but can you do a video on making your hair softer and less frizzy?

  11. PLEASE tell me the name of the nail color?!?


  13. Do a video on how to french braid.

  14. When you want to skip the ad, but you love Kayley and want her to have nice things.

  15. Love it! My hair stuff is kind of, well, a bottomless pit of combs I broke with my hair, and tea tree leave in conditioner. Love your videos.

  16. These are actually good simple ideas..!

  17. This is super cute. 🙂

    Here’s a problem I always have with my hair and makeup set up: how do you avoid getting hairspray all over the wall and random hair and eyeshadow all over the counter and floor? Or what is the easiest and quickest way to clean up all this fallout everyday?

  18. That is so smart! I thought you were gonna tell us to go out and pay 30 bucks for a stone cutting board. It never would have occurred to me to just buy a marble tile.

  19. Can you please do a tutorial of your curls please

  20. I need to know how you did your hair for this video!

  21. Can u pleeeeesssseeeee do a vid on how to do the beeeaaauuuuutttiiiffffuuuullllll curls? Have a great Christmas xx.

  22. love these ideas… i'd have to do something different for my hair ties purely cause if i have them out in the open my cats will have at them lol

  23. Can you show us how you store allllllll of your hair things?

  24. Would you be able to make a video of ways to wear scrunchies? They're so trendy and cute but I don't know how to wear them 😛 Love your channel! 🙂

  25. I put my hot tools on pot holders

  26. sorry I'm late I'm sooo busy with projects, concerts, and more but I love the video! Can't wait to see your video on Saturday! Love you and yours videos!

  27. These curls!! Tutorial plz xo

  28. Love this! Must make it for my friend for Christmas. Adore your sweater! Where'd you find it?

  29. whats your nail polish??? LOVED the video btw and you look gorgeous

  30. I love this! Definitely going to do this!!!

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