Chili Poached Pears with Star Anise Dust | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon’s mum steps into the kitchen to give a hand on this modern, delicious twist on poached pears. Saffron gives it a beautiful fragrance, with the chili providing the kick.


  1. Gordon: Slices pear
    Son: nice
    2 daughters: wow that smells amazing
    mum: thats lovely isnt it

  2. “Oh hi Hols didn’t expect you to be here today”…

  3. The most amazing oxtail
    The most amazing star anis dust

  4. Am i the only one who thinks the reactions from the family are faked/staged

  5. 0:30 thought he called his daughter by the wrong name

  6. If pears work with chilli, why pineapple can't work with pizza?

  7. "What's that smell? It smells so good!" I'm pretty sure there's literally no way they could possibly smell that yet but ok

  8. Today we're gonna make some lovely pears
    I love pears
    We're gonna poach them with some chili
    Chili? ?

  9. 0:32 He just kiss his daughter on the lips? AND DID SHE LICK HER LIPS AFTER?!

  10. Am I the only one who found it weird when Gordon kissed his daughter on the lips… or generally any parent who does that.

  11. Why does Gordon put Star anise everywhere? How can you put this on pork belly and poached pear and almost every dish i have seen on this channel. Is this just for the audience or do you really think this is actually tasty ?

  12. Sometimes I like to imagine those are just random kids and he's married to me instead

  13. eat her peach pie gordon u dog u

  14. He kisses his son? That's weird.. I've never seen a boy kiss his father before..

  15. daugter comes in and says mmm what is that smell it smell so good but they just cut a pear and put a pepper I water

  16. Either this family are very over-affectionate, or the production team for G.R Holdings LTD makes them say all these things. It just isn't needed I don't get it!

  17. love the family involvement

  18. Im surprised NINO didn't walk in with the rest of the kids…

  19. What A Beautiful Chilli Poached Pears , I Am Going To Make This Very Easy Thank You Mr Ramsay by the way You Have A very Lovely Family Thanks Again !!!

  20. I really need this recipe

  21. Looks like one of his daughters goes by the name "Jack"

  22. See my question is: does anyone have both the time and ingredients to make these?

  23. Imagine Ramsay helping his kids with his homework:

  24. Gordon Ramsey is a great dude with a great family. We need more people like this around the world.

  25. This seems like a beautiful family! But why is there so much hate against Gordon Ramsey by commenters? They're disgusting!

  26. Nice, does it taste like gummy bears?

  27. all these comments below me are ridiculous

  28. Saw the girls holding the bowl while their father worked the pestle and smiled. I do that for my mum all the time, sort of on instinct now even if she doesn't ask me to.

  29. Girl: What is that amazing smell?
    Reality: Boiled pepper and pealed pears.

  30. I still remember when jack was a kid lol they grow up so fast ;c

  31. Smell's delicious…

    Doesn't it?

  32. Legend has it if you insult Gordon Ramsay's cooking then he will appear right in front of you and slap you in the face with a piece of meat and the worst part is…IT'S RAW!!!

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