Chilli Dogs – Gordon Ramsay


  1. Can you zoom in i can't see the atoms in the food?

  2. Probably the most disorienting camera work I've seen in a cooking show. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to constantly zoom the camera on to the cooking process while moving it at a fast pace?

  3. Zoom in a bit more please I wanna see every single fucking molecule

  4. Is he using an electron microscope to film?

  5. That looks like shit to be completely honest

  6. Did he really say "Oregon-o instead of Oreg-a-no?

  7. Boiling fucking hot dogs. You donkey!

  8. Chili is also good on a bowl of Fritos with cheddar cheese

  9. Wow Thanks its so yummy i give you 10000 subscribe

  10. I'll bet Sonic would really want to try that chilli dog right now.

  11. that bread is wrinkler than a corpse

  12. Idk what the hell or-egg-ano is but i know he didn't mean oregano

  13. why is it so zoomed in?

  14. Guys please the camera man is so bad i cant even see the atoms

  15. Sonic would really like this

  16. I can't believe Gordon actually likes chilli dogs lol

  17. I don't think that I've ever heard "oregano" pronounced that way before.

  18. looks like my nans dog took a shite on a piece of bread

  19. i need to see the atoms. zoom in more

  20. No cheese and that chili looked like ass.

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