Chocolate Sauce & Sprinkles Nail Art

Who doesn’t love a dripping manicure?! This video will show you how to take dripping paint nail art to the next level. . . by turning it into a cold, tasty treat!


  1. when it first came on my instant thought was Patrick at the fry cook games.

  2. Omg!!! Anyone notice her nails are round!!!!!

  3. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

  4. this video is so cool to me ????

  5. If bite your nails watch a bunch of nail art videos to get you motivated to stop biting because if your like me than you probably don't paint your nails just because your ashamed

  6. y isnt the watermelons in the summer playlist?

  7. Anyone here from Pinterest?

  8. You should do a colab with +SaraBeautyCorner!!

  9. i actually felt like eating it!!

  10. what's the name of your nail polish?

  11. this will work cuz i got a mat top cote? cout? kote? coat!?

  12. hey can you try a cute kawaii art of little characters?

  13. hey, i was wondering where do you get your nail polish from because all nail polishes that i want are over $10 and i want nail polishes made by a common brand like Maybelline

  14. ur sooooooooooooo good at nail art… u should do a collab with SARABEAUTYCORNER

  15. using my moms phone i did these and they turned out pretty and cute

  16. I love your videos so much I wish I knew how to do it .But videos fabuloussss

  17. Your desighns ars so beatifull ! Ilove cutepolish!<3 <3 <3

  18. what brown did you use? i can never find one dark enough

  19. you can use a bobby pin instead of a dotting tool. you also can use a toothpick instead of the striping tool.

  20. I think that in this manicure
    you painted your nails pink
    dipped them in chocolate
    and put little sprinkles on your nails.
    I love them so much love Jeanie.

  21. can we use a different color for the ice cream

  22. Can I eat your nails? (Seriously,it looks delicious, NOT JOKING!!!!

  23. at first i thought it was a dounut lol

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