Choose A Bubble Manicure For A Bold Look This Summer

Some people prefer to keep their nails neat and simple, in pastel colors and an ordinary shape. Whether you are the low-key or the risk-taker type when talking about nails, it’s all worth it, because there are nails for everyone. For the more eccentric ones of you, there are nails that have all kinds of shapes, colors, and accessories, and you just might say “yes” to these fluffy ones, looking like a bubble. With their iconic shape and ability to come in any color you like, this is one trend that is sure to send a message. If you still haven’t tried this trend, make sure to take a look at these inspirational manicures that will begin your bubble brainstorming. They come in different styles and colors, so you can choose your favorite one and call the saloon today!

1. Pearl accents

This design adds a touch of class with miniature pearl accents. The baby pink will work wonders as a wedding manicure, or just any social event.


Source: Instagram | @nail_mast_krasnodar

2. Bring on the bling

I love the big gems on this mani. They make them look so royal-like and sophisticated! Perfect for a night out.


Source: Instagram | @strelkova_lesya

3. Pretty pastels

A spring-inspired manicure that will make your nails blossom!


Source: Instagram | @irina_siberian_

4. Canary yellow

Yellow nail polish is probably one of the most underrated shades. Make a bold act with this cheery hue and shine like the stars!


Source: Instagram | @nail_mast_krasnodar

5. Why not go for a pattern?

You can never have enough florals in your wardrobe, or on your nails. Look how beautiful and bubbly they are!


Source: Instagram | @nailsbubble_bubblenails

6. This look is fierce!

Pink seems to be never out of fashion. Pink nails are a classic manicure look. combined with a bubbly manicure, your nails will look perfect this summer!


Source: Instagram | @sinisterrougepinup