Christmas Nail Art: Holiday Lights

This was a holiday nail art request! Merry Christmas everyone! ^_^


  1. is it just me who thinks of stranger things

  2. How to take the nail base coat on the disighn

  3. This my fave design ever!!!

  4. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



  6. i have painted my nails with the other designs you have done but fro some reason i have never done this one 🙂

  7. You ALWAYS say every tutorial is ur FAVORITE. U SILLY gal. LOL JK LOL 🙂

  8. I ♡LOVE♡ it
    It looks very CUTE

  9. I love all your nail art videos cutepolish I do my own nail art and my friends think I get it done at a nail salon you inspired me to do my own nail art thank you I hope you write me back soon!!!!!!!

  10. She added it to her playlist on this date

  11. It says it was uploaded yesterday? -_-

  12. It was uploaded this year vvvvv

  13. Was dis ur 1st video…on youtube!?

  14. Thats so rude your proubly just jealous of her voice becauee yours is so terrible. Qnd her voice dosent sound bad anyways it sounds good

  15. Your voice makes me want to punch a baby

  16. 0:42 – this is where the bubs will go! lol

  17. It would be more cool if you done the cord continuing from the little finger to the doubt finger 🙂

    P.S.:I love how do you do your nails and I want to be as talentated as you are! 😀

  18. I like it it sooooo easy!

  19. I looooove doing nails!!! I wish I could come to come to all of you to do your nails… cause I'm a nailmaniac.

  20. Do u have a tip on painting designs on your right hand?? Please answer back! Thanks it will help a lot!

  21. fer short nails, paint nail all white, then make bigger bulb by make cord go across top of nail, then make small box to make bulb socket, then paint a pointed oval big enough fer socket, then top coat! it is great!

  22. My mom did this on my nails and it looks really cool!

  23. i am definitely trying this ! its so awesome and easy ! but then again u make everything look easy!…ornament nails plzzzzz!

    sorry im immature

  25. Darn. My nails never come out as good as yours

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