Christmas Nail Art using Chrome, Sparkles and Stickers

Suzie demonstrates a quick and easy way to add a Christmas Theme on your nails using Chrome Powders, Gel Sparkle Polish, and Nail Dream Candy Stickers.

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  1. Suzie: "ugly sweater"
    Me: "I actually really like it.. Awkward.."

  2. Could you do "cheek nail " ? That is big popular in Japan these days !

  3. I'm really curious about this doing/seeing this stupid thing. Please no one judge me. How shiny would the chrome look on a chrome polish colour? again please don't judge my stupid curiosity

  4. Me! I love nail art but I don't have the tools

  5. Hey Suzie, which product are you wearing on your other right hand?
    P.S. your biggest fan (tried a lot of your designs and techniques) ❤

  6. That teddy bear one was the cutest ❤

  7. MOAR CHROOOOME!!! ???

  8. What are the best products to use when using chrome?

  9. marvelous nail art I try it and I do it you know

  10. Why don't u ever reply to me

  11. gorgeous I love your work and your personality wow ??? i like when the camera man talks to you while you're doing your nails ?

  12. Hi I just love watching you, I want to get nails done , what shape is yours i love them

  13. How cute are these!!

  14. The thumb design goes perfect with the Starbucks Red cups

  15. you can use makeup sponges to apply glitter

  16. I want to see a wedding theme and use the bells! i think that would be cool!

  17. Just a question can you use a gel top coat with regular polish or a regular top coat with gel polish

  18. Is the camera man your husband

  19. Suzie can you do a video with different dotting tool techniques ?

  20. the chrome is so iridescent!

  21. Thank you the advice on getting glitter polish off. However, I'm talking about the natural nail. My nails just grow, I am on oxygen due to breathing problems, so nails grow. I was going thru U Tube & came across your nail tutorial & found out I could do lots of fun things with my nails. Instead of letting them grow & when they get too long clip them back. So I ask again I ask how to get glitter polish off, without harming the natural nail.

  22. Suzie, I noticed that glitter polish is harder to take off. Is there secret to removing the glitter polish easily. ?

  23. Hello from up the island in Courtenay. I've been watching you forever and only realized that you live so close. Haha I loved the last video with Grant and "the camera man" You always look like you are having so much fun.
    How are you liking the Couture gel polish? I've never heard of that brand before today.

  24. You should really do cameraman's nails

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