Christmas Tree Nail Art Designs | 5 Easy Ways!



Sandi’s equipment to her create videos!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Minnie is actually making something I can do. Oh goodie!

  2. I love Minnie she's so cute

  3. does anyone know where minnie is from? im trying to place her accent

  4. *stares* wow okay… *starts making a shopping list for sandwich bags, top coat and glitter polish* must…have…home-made…decals!

  5. Why does minnie talk like that?

  6. it's amazing i love it!!!

  7. I cant go a day without watching you girls!

  8. there pretty amazing,cute,clean and totally for Christmas

  9. Those are mainly glitter polishes for $12 a piece. I'd rather buy beautiful and unique indies for that much.

  10. Does she still use this account?

  11. Really cute…. I ll try for sure ❤❤

  12. I've always wanted a thicker tooth pick thanks for trim tip/ trick xxxx

  13. omg thank you Minnie for the ideas and I was trying to do the sandwich bad thing for ages now I know u need a top coat lol ty lysm xx

  14. Things That Describe Minnie:

  15. if you use the bumpy side (where it was ripped) of scotch tape instead of the flat side of the tape, you get a more realistic tree

  16. Can you do a updated nail polish collection?

  17. this nail design is so cute ??

  18. XD lol but ya true and how do u make that?! Soo cool

  19. When are you going to do more nail stamping Vids

  20. pleaaase do review of kathleenlights nailpolish range KL POLISH

  21. cute Polish cutest
    I loved this nail art…I m gonna definitely try this at home and u got a new subscriber?

  22. She is sooo goood I love her designs

  23. butterfly inspired nail please!!??????

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