Christmas Tree Nail Art


  • BeautyLine Deluxe in Gold (Nagellack mit Strasssteinen)
  • ChinaGlaze Twinkle Lights


  1. That was sooooooo nice!!!!! Good job person??????…I'm gonna try it.

  2. I think a lighter green would look a little bit better, but that's just me

  3. Hey cutepolish i love youre crations im so happy of youre dessins but i ask uou how can you nails so be long and strong i wont to follow you on fb and twitter and instagram but i dont have it:-( my birthday is 5/01 the day that you a new vidio create sorry for my bad english but im from belgium.

  4. Hey I hope I win your giveaway tomorrow!! If I dont thats okay their are other oppurtunities. I hoped your christmas was spectacular!

  5. Do a video for short nails with Christmas lights

  6. Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

  7. Spell Merry across ur nails?!

  8. can you spell the word Merry on your nails?!

  9. Please make a wreath nail design and also an elf one two

  10. i would really suggest olaf!!!

  11. I think that u should try ordements

  12. Can You do snowflake nails?

  13. I do NOT like YOU these are so simple try a it more tricker !!

  14. Can you do a mistletoe, snowman, and/or stocking design? Please! I love your videos. These were cute!

  15. CUTE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:);)=):D:P:D=):);)=):P:P:D=);):);)=):D:P:D=):):)=);)=)=)=););):D:D

  16. I love the nails how about u do snowmen that would be cool

  17. Can u do a mistletoe tutorial??

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