Chrome Hearts and Calligraphy Nail Art

Suzie experiments with Chrome and Calligraphy Pen to create an elegant Nail Art Design.

Products used in this video:

  • THE Gel Polish #89 Here
  • The ShineE Gel No Wipe Top Coat Here
    Chrome Mirror Nails Pigment Kit Here
  • Super Pigmented Acrylic Ink SPEEDBALL Here
  • Calligraphy Pen Here
    CHROME KIT – GALAXY Collection Here
    CHROME KIT – MARS Collection Here


  1. Could you provide the link for the diamond roll you place your hand on?

  2. I love the idea of shiny over matte to see what you're doing, I used to use that technique to make cheat notes for tests in highschool ?

  3. I absolutely love this set! has to be my favorite ?

  4. I'm in love with crome powders and I must say them nails are just so beautiful

  5. Thankyou for making all these videos! They are so informative & fun to watch ? side note: you and the cameraman are priceless!

  6. I love how 'Watch Suzie Sneeze' is a card in the top right! x) It's the little things, which I guess I've noticed after watching all your videos multiple times over…

  7. reminiscent of cinderella's dress

  8. I think that matte color wb AWESOME for a bride-get your calligraphy down and you could really do some awesome bridal looks-just a thought. Great video

  9. I absolutely adore you and your videos! I typically find many other videos to be, annoying, but YOU are calming to watch. You obviously love doing nails! I bet you're a blast to hang out with! Thanks.
    Do you put any top coat over the final heart designs and caligraphy?

  10. Can you do a full chrome tutorial please?? My friend and I are into gel nails, but we can't get the chrome to look quite right :/

  11. Suzie & Cameraman! I just love you guys! Can you do a video with a diamond tuck metal design with the chrome that's textured? Ask cameraman. Thank you so much for your videos!

  12. Dear Suzi, I love all your videos and I'm totally in love with chrome! So I tried this design, but the chrome also sticks outside of the sticky heart, even if I first buffer the nail to be sure to not have any sticky layer on it 🙁 do you have some idea why this happens?

  13. A nail video without any background music please!!!!!! ?

  14. I am now crazy addicted to your channel. My husband just had "the talk" last night that went "I've been watching a lot of Suzie and I think that I can do nails. Of course I'm not going to start with forms because that looks pretty hard, but I can do tips. I've priced everything out on ebay to start with and that will be a total of 111 dollars and that's going ghetto without the filing drill and just using files." Poor guy listened to me talking for 2 hours on how I think I can do it and I didn't even touch the gel nail polish art LOL

  15. SOOOOO beautiful!… omg!….you are awesome Suzie!

  16. I have become addicted to this channel. I just, it's too good. Bucket List goal: use one of Suzie's designs.

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