Chrome/Mirror 2Color Fade – Step By Step Tutorial


  1. haters back off because she is a caring nail educator…….

  2. i absolutely love your videos. I'm learning how to do acrylic nails and I've already learned so much from you. i also was having a bit of a problem with chrome and you've given me so many great tips

  3. I really like your nails your nails are so pretty and you do your nails long

  4. The black nail polish looks so beautiful on you?

  5. You are a nail goddess. I love watching your tutorials

  6. black paint is actually the backing of most mirrors, its how the silvering solution shows up, otherwise, the solution is mostly clear and doesn't work with most other colours, although I'm sure there are odd mirrors out there that use odd colours to get different effects.

  7. Has anyone tried the "What's Up" brand? Btw Suzie I'm a Newbie and I'm Loving Your Videos ???

  8. Hey how long did these last b4 chipping

  9. from where do we will get d product mam plz do reply n how cnt we place d order

  10. When you light the lamp always leave the gel in front, do not dry out?

  11. OMG that is sooo cool!!! I've never seen colored chrome powders, and that package it's so cute! I've always seen it in silver, or maybe gold! Please show us the other colors too!!!! And which brand is this one? Cuz I'd like to get them too!!!

  12. can u get ahold of me so i can maybe get a great prom present for my best friend

  13. looooooved this video beautiful look

  14. Omgosh! Spectacular! I've had chrome before but the extra step of filing really makes the difference! Thanks!

  15. I want the chrome product she is using

  16. can you advise everytime i apply this to the clients natural nails it cracks , i always need to do an acrylic over lay , am i doing something wrong , many thanks sharon x

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