CJP Acrylic Marbled Nails

Suzie builds a set of striking Marbled Acrylic nails using CJP Nails Systems Acrylic . This detailed step by step video is full of great tips on Acrylic Application.

Products featured in this video:

CJP Nail Systems:

  • Milky Pink Core Powder : Here
  • Birthday Suit Core Powder : Here
  • Angel Wings Acrylic Powder : Here
  • Apple Shine : Here
  • Sapphire Acrylic powder : Here
  • Clear Ice Core Powder : Here
  • CJP Big Boy Acrylic Brush : Here
  • Fuzion Nail Forms : Here
  • Crystal Dappen Dish – Ugly Duckling


  1. As a Nail Tech student, these videos are extremely helpful. We’re always encouraged to try new things and to be creative (following proper techniques of course) and watching her do her nails really gets the creative juices flowing

  2. Could you pretty please tell us what's on your other hand. It always looks lovely and I am nosey.

  3. Absolutely stunning!! Fantastic choice of colours, love it !!!

  4. How did you like the CJP acrylic comparing to other brands you´ve used?

  5. One day I'm gonna try and do my own acrylic nails, I want to be as professional and creative as you, right now I'm just going to stick with nail polish, love u Suzie such an inspiration to me ❤️?

  6. Serious question: Do you find that hard gel is more durable and/or less likely to lift than soak-off gel? Thanks for your help ?

  7. this combo of colors is so stunning. that blue is my favorite color. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!

  8. My favorite nails, by far! Amazing

  9. I never heard of the CJP Nail System until now. The color choices were spot on for the summer, almost like the different colors you would see in the ocean. They are beautiful. I am looking for a really good yet relatively inexpensive acrylic brush. I have tried a lot over the years and still can not find one that doesn't hold the acrylic in the bristles and cake up my brushes. I do clean them between each application of powder as I am going along, do you have any recommendations?

  10. Omg these are my favorite nails so far…….I'd kill to have u do my nails………tyfs

  11. I love how at 23:09 there is a perfect paw print in the sapphire powder. ??

  12. Wish i could fly to learn with you over there. You are so professional.
    “Your FC from Thailand”

  13. Who else thinks those would make a beautiful countertop in actual marble?!

  14. Hi Suzie..I love you and all your nail tutorials..you are the first nail guru I watched on YouTube when I start doing professional acrylic nails..so informative..

  15. So beautiful and perfect designs…?

  16. You're so pretty, and I love your mail videos. ?

  17. Wish I could get my nails done by Suzie she is so talented and seems sooo nice .She takes her time and she is so good at her job.Love watching her videos.❤️

  18. the loose sleeves and open jars of powder i’m going to have an anxiety attack

  19. CJP is my initials. It’s a sign

  20. When they were talking about how coffin is a sensitive word all I could think of was ask a mortician and how we all should be death enthusiasts. ?

  21. I wish there was someone that could do my nails like you close by! Its soooo satisfying watching you do all these nail videos.

  22. I think one of the reasons you were struggling with how much product you were picking up was because you were using a bigger brush than what you were used to. They turned out so beautiful though ??

  23. I'm with Cameraman. I love the part where you put on the top coat. So satisfying to see the glitter pop!!


  25. When prom season comes back around can you please post some videos for prom nail designs?? Thanks!

  26. Absolutely beautiful nails, and I love the colors so much. It would have been also beautiful if you would have used the sapphire with the silver as the marble. You always do beautiful nails Suzie! ❤

  27. The dark at the cuticles look like bruises. I like the lighter colors closer to them then the dark. They are beautiful though.

  28. Hello I'm interesting your product but I living in Thailand!
    do you have agent in Thailand or nearby.?

  29. Am I the only one who likes to watch your videos before bed? Your voice is so soothing lol. These nails are gorgeous as well!

  30. This is one of my favorite designs you’ve done! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for a great video

  31. Very nice have to agree with Camera Man glossy looks way better. Thank you for sharing your video. ☺

  32. Awesome nails. Impressive technique. Great editing. Thanks! What a fantastic duo, the two of you ?!

  33. Our, my 4 year old and me, favorite so far!

  34. So far the Pointer finger and Ring finger are my favorite (:

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