Classic Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hi loves! I hope you enjoy the video. I got inspired by Desi Perkins doing a Smokey Eye on her channel and realized I haven’t done a smokey eye in such a long time. I hope the video is helpful X If you have any looks that you want me to make please let me know in the comments. XOXO


  1. wow great work…. its looks so easy but whenever i try it goes all over my face.

  2. wow I m your big fan great eyes speecless

  3. This is awesome . I don't seen ever

  4. How do you prevent the low lash shadow and eyeliner from "bleeding" under the eye after a few hours? IOW, how do you "set" that shadow so that it doesn't bleed?

  5. I believe the method you used for the red is a halo.

  6. Wow i love the way u created Smokey eye shadow superb

  7. Amazing video thanks it helped a lot

  8. one of the bstt nd mashaaalah. eyesss…

  9. you do so beautifully on your eye shadows, definitely had to subscribe, thank you!!

  10. Thanks for publish this knock

  11. Superb Love you, your eye makeup is outstanding dear I’m a big fan of yours God bless youKeep uploaded the videos of eye makeup Also tell me if we donor have a concealer, can we use lakme mousse foundation for making base

  12. No no no no no eyebrows first

  13. This is just gorgeous. You are extremely talented. Now I'm going to try this…. LoL ?….. If I can even get half of this gorgeous look I will be excited! ??

  14. I don't use extra eyelashes… So if I do try this … I don't look so good but like a panda?????

  15. I love your channel and this look in particular. You explain everything so well! Please don't be worried about getting tongue tied.

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  17. Love love loveeeee this tutorial!!!!

  18. lovely u r looking fabb??????????

  19. Soooooooooo…. Beautiful…..
    Very gorgeous eyes..

  20. I just love it, you r the best!

  21. I can never pull this off ? its so pretty aswell

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