Classic Bombshell Smokey Eye | Jaclyn Hill


  • Makeup Forever Primer – Here
  • Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist – Here
  • Elcie Foundation – Here
  • Urban Decay Concealer – Here
  • Anastasia Banana Powder –
  • Mac Pro Emphasize Powder – Here
  • Kat Von D Shade Light Eye Palette – Here
  • Ardency inn Eyeliner – Here
  • MAC Shroom Eyeshadow – Here
  • MAC Pressed Pigment *Enlightening – Here
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer – Here
  • Becca Sweetpea Blush – Here
  • Mary Luminizer Highlight – Here
  • Dose Of Colors “Stone” – Here
  • Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray – Here


  1. Could you do a beautiful Smokey pink look??!! Beautiful with blue eyes ?

  2. Jaclyn love it I'm going to try and recreate this look for new years day. Thanks for always inspiring me ❤❤❤❤

  3. i miss you and need more tutorials pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!:)

  4. Is this a make up tutorial or a dog advertisement?

  5. Hi Jaclyn, I am OBSESSED with your videos recently. You seem so down to earth and awesome!
    Do you have suggestions for products that you could use that are drugstore brand for this look?

  6. You look like a porn star :/

  7. Hello Jaclyn what is the shade of your concealer please?

  8. That's what a beauty looks like!!!!???????

  9. This is my first time watching these types of videos EVER and I love your videos!! I love how you explain things. I'm learning so much!

  10. I think the cool tones look amazing with your eyes!

  11. Girl you need to slow it down!! Lord you talk fast on these voice overs.

  12. Where can I find the staring theme tune?

  13. Tutorial starts at 3:50 if you only came for the makeup.

  14. aww so cute puppy and you're so beautifull .

  15. Aw, missing Jaclyn using Z-palette and MAC emphasize and banana powder ?

  16. was the pressed pigment one discontinued? "enlightening" i cant find it on the Mac site anywhere. & if so what can i use instead?

  17. was the pressed pigment one discontinued? "enlightening" i cant find it on the Mac site anywhere. & if so what can i use instead?

  18. Do these kinds of tutorials again pleaseeee

  19. Actual tutorial starts at 3:47 for those of you who don't want to hear 4 minutes of pointless rambling

  20. I might just have to buy colored contacts cause eye colors reallllyyy makes a difference

  21. Oh my goodness ? that little face ahh!! ?


  23. I will try this look tonight ❤️ I wish I had your pretty eyes color tho ?

  24. wat song was playing at the beginning of the video

  25. Smoldering, u so beautiful.

  26. Omg look how small Frankie is ??????

  27. Watching this again, can't believe this is when you got fwwwank. Such a cutie. ??

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