Classic Brown Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi Cuties! ♡ . I was a little bit uninspired but felt like a lot of you might just like a simple glitter eye look using brown shades! Of Course I wanted to use the morphe palette because I wanna make as many different possible looks for y’all so you know exactly what kind of looks you can achieve with the palette. It has so many abilities! For this look I did use some glitter to give it that little extra but of course when you recreate this and you don’t have glitter you can also just use shimmery shades which will look pretty as well! XXX Hope you like the video & If you have any suggestions for my next video let me know 😀 ♡


  1. Love this video….when you say make your brush wet what do you apply to it to make it wet?

  2. Funny eye shade name moca hahaha???

  3. Any one else wish she did any eyebrow tutorial or does she have one? ?

  4. You are the best I am going watch all your videos, we live you even in Africa ?the music is on point too

  5. Hey I like your videos you can come over sometime Live in Indiana

  6. Everytime I try and do this look, my eyeshadow looks blocky, and I use different brushes for Blending and it just never seems to work out. Any tips?

  7. beautiful ! can i ask you something? do you wet your brush first before you dip into the eyeshadow or eyeshadow first and then wet the brush?

  8. Holy ** what foundation do you use?!?!

  9. curious, how do you do that and it doesn't irritated your eyes??? nice job btw

  10. Wow superb ???????????????????

  11. Lindas maquiagens!! ? dê uma passadinha no meu canal, comecei agora, obrigada ?

  12. wow..u re so talented,applying mascara with a tiny brush is not easy but u applied with a big brush and it didn't ruin your makeup??

  13. Any small youtuber? Let's support each other

  14. Love your videos. I love how they aren't 1 hour long.

  15. the way she says "brush" lol.

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  17. Ty…know what make up look im gonna do for modeling

  18. Muy hermoso el maquillaje me encantó

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  20. Nice mam ap bata sakti h konse product h ye

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  22. I love your makeup tutorial ?

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