Classic Cut Crease & Red Lips | LOVEEMANDA


  1. Beautiful!!!

    P.s I heard a lot about over heating on that camera with the softening effect! Was goo a to purchase it 🙁 but I ended up getting the Cannon T3i!! All Cannons are amazing. No softening effect but it lasts like 3-5 hours without stopping! Just a tip mama!! ?

  2. what shade of foundation did you use?

  3. will you show us how you contour your nose? 🙂

  4. I really think you should do a Q&A video becauseeee I gottaaa lottt of quesssttiioonnss ?❤️?

  5. hey girly, where did you get your shirt at?

  6. You are so freaking prettyyyy ? what ethnicity are you? ?

  7. I love yours short videos 🙂

  8. Bootiful lol hun❤️❤️?

  9. you lost your tan so fast! and love this look! ?

  10. Where is that shirt from ?? I love it

  11. love that lipcolor <3 gorgeous

  12. Where have you buy this Shirt????

  13. please please do a new eyebrow routine!! they look amaaaziiiiing

  14. What lashes are you wearing?! I love it!

  15. What eyelashez are you wearing? So pretty

  16. Pls do a Q and A video. Love u

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