Classic Silver Neutral Smokey Eye | Jaclyn Hill

Comments for this video have been disabled due to extreme negativity! To everyone leaving comments asking for different makeup looks, different techniques, colors & brands, I hear you! I am currently working on it & will try my hardest to produce great content going forward. BUT we do not need to rip each other apart, use harsh language and act like we know everything about everyone. This channel was created to be a fun, happy place where we can enjoy the world of beauty. Not a negative hole. I am VERY open with my friends, I always tell them like it is no matter what and since I feel like I am friends with the majority of my subscribers I am being open & honest with you as well. We all want a better world to live in, one where we don’t hear about awful things happening every day but yet everyone is SO quick to go off the handle and be AWFUL over makeup. Try to smile today, hug someone, spread love & positivity. We are the problem in todays generation but we are also the solution. Ill be back in my next video with the comment section open and ready for positivity towards one another. XO