Classic Valentine’s Day Makeup | LOVEEMANDA

Hope you guys enjoy this Classic Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial! ♡



Thank you for watching! I love you more than sriracha! xoxo


  1. I'm trying so hard to figure out what you use for lighting ☹️☹️

  2. You are so gorgeous!

  3. um um um um i usually dont like valentines day looks but THIS IS GORGEOUS

  4. You are beautiful love ur channel

  5. I love all of your videos thanks for always using affordable products 🙂

  6. Você é muito linda <3 Amei a make, você arrasa

  7. What brushes do you recommend from morphe for full eye eyeshadow styles? I need to buy new ones :/

  8. I wish you had more vlogs on your channel? love you so much!!

  9. Your makeup looks amazing! Definitely doing this look tomorrow ❤️

  10. Are you guys engaged or married? Btw this is my favorite loom you've done! ?

  11. His bf is HOT af!!!!!!!!!

  12. what brush did u use for when you put the Jeffrey glow

  13. honestly the best valentines tutorial!! love it! thank you so much xx

  14. I'm so glad you used this foundation! I've been wanting to try this forever and I haven't seen many people use this foundation! I'm obsessed with your videos!

  15. Definitely need to show us the part where you apply your eyeliner ?

  16. This gonna be my Valentines makeup look.. 🙂

  17. This says vampy New Year's Eve in the description

  18. I love this look so effortless and classic

  19. The red lips completed the look ♡

  20. Oh my god this is exactly the makeup look with the 35 o palette and the missy and fierce lips , like you read my mind ?!!!!!

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