Clean Your Nail Art Brushes Perfectly!

Nail hack! A simple little trick that prevents your nail art brushes from becoming hard and stiff after you clean them. I know this is a problem that a lot of people run into it when cleaning nail polish off their nail brushes. Here is a super simple solution that solves that problem, plus some little tips and tricks to keep your brushes in great shape. Like tips and tricks video? Leave your request below for the next one!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Thanks this helped soooo much! Your the best!

  2. how can we clean between the nails . so they can look naturally healthy and clean ?

  3. where are your btushes from?

  4. Am i the only one that also gets the wooden handle super dirty

  5. what is the nail polish that is on the brush is dry? how do you clean it?

  6. It looks like one of your characters from polish blast

  7. all my brushes dried owt bc u didn't know u had to use water xD

  8. Bought some nail brushes off amazon. Used them 1 time, put them in a disposable plastic cup with acetone nail polish remover, left it over night. When I woke up the cup & the brushes had deformed, the scent of the acetone was everywhere & leaked on surrounding items. Wish I had saw this first lol

  9. Are nail art brushes only for acrylic paint?

  10. do diy how to make a nail art brush your own

  11. can i use cotton balls???

  12. I use nail polish thinner to clean them.

  13. How to take acrylic paint of your nails when you use acrylic nails at your house

  14. spot the difference???????????????????????????????????

  15. May I know where you bought your nail art brushes from?

  16. Please do a how to not peal nail polish!

  17. i don't want to sound negative but…. seriously??? people couldn't figure this out on their own, they needed a tutorial?

  18. can we start our nail manicure without the base coat and end it without top coat as I don't have them and where do we get them in India

  19. after I saw this video only I properly got hw to clean the brushes thnx for the video ?☺

  20. i wanna see how to make ur own nail polish!!!!!!!!!

  21. Can you make of video with TIPS AND TRICKS FOR PAINTING PERFECTLY THE OTHER HAND (the left hand ) ?

  22. I don't like to clean my brushes afterwards because I always end up getting nail polish remover on my newly manicured nails. How do you prevent from ruining your nail design and cleaning your brushes right after??


  24. I wish I knew these tricks before my brushes got ruined ?

  25. The reason why the polish came off easily from the brushes, is because she cleaned it when it was still wet. ?

  26. What if the brush has dry nail polish on it

  27. what happens if my brushes bristles are like spreaded out/ how do i fix it??

  28. I found that a dollop of cheap nail oil in the bristles after they've dried helps keep them nice, too.

  29. hey thank you the water tip has really help me keep my brushes and soft they also last longer

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