Closet Organization Before & After

I am beyond pumped for this video – my closet tour and organization! See the before and after of my small closet and how I chose to organize it. I used some simple mesh drawers and shoe racks from the container store to totally clean everything out, transform my wardrobe, and make my closet streamlined, simple, and most importantly – functional!

I have a few more nooks and crannies of the apartment that I want to do this type of video for – my linen closet and medicine cabinet in particular. Any other video ideas? Let me know!


  1. Nice video. Container store is the best. They have almost everything for organizing.

  2. I love your funny ending voice oeu oeu

  3. where did you get the clear shoe racks?

  4. Put shoes on top
    Do cloth bins for under clothing
    I do cloth bins for lots of things like leggings
    I got no dresser too

  5. But gurl I consider my closet quite large because it has two metal bars on top and bottom, however, yours is a walkin, so I consider it a monser!!!! <3 🙂 🙂 <3

  6. great job babe!!! Love your shorts btw, which are they??

  7. I am now inspired to clean my closet at 1 am

  8. the closet is not small at all?

  9. I want to clean my closet but there a spiderwebs ??? big spiderweb

  10. The shape of your closet is Super Cool, Wish i had it!!

  11. just subbed, happy to be a part of the family

  12. Too funny when you moped yourself in the conner! Lol. Also, you can add some little lights

  13. Do you know specifically what color your room is im trying to find one like it cause it's really pretty

  14. your closet is the perfect size! i love it. you should try considering an open door closet concept and replace the doors with curtains to give it a more open, free feel! i still love your closet tho aha

  15. Loved it, can u make more vids like this

  16. where did you get the mesh dresser and shoe rack?

  17. okay im moving into a new house and my closet is REALLY weird. its pretty roomy tho, so my closet has one door. you open and there is no hanger infront of you. you stuc your head in and there is 4 hangers. like wth?!?!

  18. Another tip or in my opinion would have been to declutter ! Nice video !

  19. I love how big your closet is lol it gave me chills. My lil closet angers me. I can't buy a ton of shoes ?

  20. good video but thats a huge closet not small

  21. That was a really good organization, but THAT CLOSET THO so wide and you have a window!

  22. I wish you had background music


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