Hey Everybody!! Thank you so much for watching the video!
a side not: if you want to amp up this look, apply black eyeliner in your lower waterline and you will have an even smokier look!


  • Painterly paint pot
  • Soft Brown e/s
  • Brown Script e/s
  • Blue Brown Pigment
  • Swiss Chocolate e/s
  • Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner – blackest black
  • Red Cherry lashes #43
  • Loreal Lumi Foundation -W5
  • Prep+Prime Highlighter – Radiant Rose
  • Pro LongWear concealer – NW20
  • Cork e/s – for the brows
  • MAC PRO shaping powder – Emphasize
  • Shroom e/s
  • Texture e/s
  • Mineralize Skinfinish – medium dark
  • Melba blush
  • Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter
  • Maybelline illegal length mascara
  • Japanese Maple lipstick (I later added angel lipglass)


  1. Looks even better in person, camera didn't do this look justice. Can you do more MAC looks? I pretty much only use MAC.

  2. am also watching ur video agein nd agein

  3. Do an updated of this one ! !!!!

  4. she's such a natural at youtubing even in 2013. Love you jaclyn NEVER loose ur passion!!!

  5. OMG!!!!! This Is Totally A Manny Mua + MakeupGeek Pallete Look???
    I Love Your Videos Jaclyn You Are Amazingly Beautiful?

  6. Any new youtubers like myself, let's sub to each other

  7. Jaclynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  8. Anyone watching in 2016 🙂

  9. Anyone watching in 2015? Has anyone realised how Jaclyn started the trends before they even happened? Using the beauty blender and fix +? Giiirl this is why you're my favourite?

  10. I call it ….. Mint chocolate <3

  11. i just love watching all your videos over and over again

  12. Can you do a tutorial about the eyeliner and how to do wing please,, luv u

  13. what highlighting powder is that?

  14. I actually tried this look for the weekend! I LOVE IT!!!

  15. Got the pigment with same color in the holiday collection too 🙂 it's awesome 🙂

  16. Jaclyn ,HELP!!  I bought the Mac blue brown pigment and it looks red on me! Every time I try to wear it. What is going on?! It looks so beautiful on you so of course I ran out to buy it, but I cant seem to pull it off. Could I be doing something wrong?!

  17. I just think your fabulous. Honest. and REAL…. thanks for being you! I LOVE your channel <3 MUAH dahhhhling!

  18. This video is the first video I watched of your channel and I just wanted to say how proud I am of how far you've come! Love you!!!!!

  19. please help! I have the most beautiful lower eyelashes but unfortunately I only have five of them. Do you put mascara on them or just forget about it all together?

  20. I've been wearing the blue brown pigment to work for the past week and then i found this video! it's such a beautiful pigment! I've sold so much of it the past week!

  21. trying this look will make me look cake 🙁

  22. I love that pigment! I have an eye shadow very similar to it. i need to find an excuse to wear this look.

  23. OMG u look like gretchen wieners from mean girls


  25. wahh why did i get cursed with TINY EYE LIDS !!! 🙁 i can't ever do anything cool GRR

  26. Her face does not look cakey. It's flawless.

  27. jaclyn!! this is such a beautiful look!! green,brown looks so good on you, also on your newest video. love you girl

  28. Just recreated this look omg its perfect ♡

  29. Beautiful!!!!!

    Peace & Blessings
    IG roromaxn

  30. I just thought I'd let you know I'm OBSESSED with your videos right now ????

  31. I went to Mac and bought that pigment after seeing this video….. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!

  32. Gonna try this, but with a darker lip color 🙂

  33. GORGEOUS that pigment is amazing!!

  34. Favorite look you've done hands down

  35. The way she highlights her under eyes makes her look 10 years older

  36. " it'll work for you if you're extremely DARK ??" what? you couldnt find a gentler way to say that? that statement would have sufficed without the extreme in it. definitely a THUMBS DOWN from me. im not even black and that offended ME.  

  37. Am I the only one who cannot play this video?

  38. I hate you. You're perfect.

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